DemolitionChess Master

x3r0h0ur 8633

Get cash to build the rig, running is cheap as hell. Demolish combo pieces, and do your best to demo ice that is high strength. Multiaccess + efficient runs = Fast wins.

Same old thing for more demo fun? Special order > diesel?


16 Apr 2014 secretsecret

Interesting. But how do you handle Jinteki (Snares)? Just don't install the Interfaces?

16 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Jinteki, right now, is slow, don't run the interfaces would work. All jinteki's ice should be puny enough to be able to run through repeatedly, tsurigi is your biggest pain (outside of chum :O )

16 Apr 2014 secretsecret

Have you had a chance to playtest this? Been looking for some decent Whuzzards for Chronos and am stuck atm...

16 Apr 2014 secretsecret

In other words, do you think this will smash face(s) or is it just gimmicks :-)

16 Apr 2014 hraklea

Considering the high amount of MU you have, why no save influence and use Medium and Nerve Agent?

16 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Purges remove the threats. With RDI and HQI, you can more reliably hit more cards for your investment of running, and make demo runs more likely to be effective and not a dead card while you wait. Since I don't have parasite to destroy the ice on the way in, multiple runs can be detrimental to your money and efforts. With Interfaces it's a fixed draw, for a fixed price, and there is nothing corp can do to reduce your accesses. Hopefully thats clear enough.

The MU works perfectly, MS, Mimic, Yog in the base, and then bishops in the deep red MU. However, I don't have room for viruses, unless I run without some breaker types.

Knight is only in the set to take care of barriers until you get morningstar up. Besides morning star, knight is the most efficient barrier breaker. Also since anarch has tutor and draw problems, knight fills in as emergency copies of your other breakers, often trashing the ice while it's there. You can function solely on knight for a long time too. Essentially I'm using knight to fill the role of special order and parasite all at once.

16 Apr 2014 secretsecret

What about -3 Dirty Laundry, -3 Diesel for +3 Quality Time, +2 Lucky Find, +1 X

Is Laundry worth it without Sucker & Desperado. 3c for Quality hurts though...

16 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Yea I hate to see the credits dip at all. I think lucky find is nice to draw with draw heavy decks, this is not one though. And only 2 copies is not consistent enough in an already inconsistent faction. Dirty laundry goes up in value when you see 2,3,4 cards out of HQ and RD, even if you're not getting the omnipowerful datasucker tokens. I don't think net damage is bad enough yet to have to play around, we'll see when H&P hits.

17 Apr 2014 secretsecret

I would love to fit in Same Old Thing/Deja Vu and Imp. And Plascretes. Punitive makes me scared. But then again, if I can't draw them at the right time anyway, they are worthless..

Is Retrieval Run worth it? How reliable can we put Morning Star (or possibly Yog) into the Heap without Duggar's?

I tried fitting in Prepaid VoidePAD economy, but couldn't find Cards to drop for it.

What do you think about Darwin + Parasite vs. Mimic, Yog, Morning Star? Too slow?

17 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Same old gong would be the next add imo, but as far as viruses, they're a separate build. You either get deep red or grimoire based on your program suite, makes the choice fairly binary, hence the interfaces, which are actually quite good. Ret tun has been okay, I much prefer deja vu for recursion, this deck makes me miss it...but its synergy with Morningstar is too good to pass up. So you pay some bucks to recur your caissa what.

I think Darwin in general is too slow and fairly conditional, and often times too expensive for the modern meta...and particularly so in the upcoming meta which I predict will feature LOTS of subroutines per ice.

17 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Lol phone auto correct. Same Old *THING

Ret *RUN

Though, Same Old Gong would be amazing.

17 Apr 2014 bionicsheep


18 Apr 2014 secretsecret

After testing this yesterday, I definitely want Same Old Thong in it... Only 3x Demo is not enough after getting through the pain of installing 2-3 Interfaces :-) I will go with 3x Diesel -> 3x Quality, 3x Laundry -> 2x Lucky and swap 1x Knight + 1x Mimic for 3x Old Gong. Not really sure about dropping breakers, but this was my first instinct...

Yes, Quality Time is expensive, but drawing 5 Cards is sooo good. I actually like having cards in Archives (Hello Morning Star! Hello Caissa!) and I can easily sift trough all the multiples of breakers and resources.

18 Apr 2014 Talism

hemorrhage might be another good card in this

18 Apr 2014 Talism

and mabye a fem

18 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

I agree on maybe splitting out the draw influence to quality time, but I'd like special order more than any other card, it is SO tough to find the right breaker when you need it, even with 3 copies, and knights to back it up. Maybe more drawable econ is the answer to the 3c pain of QT. And yea, you can't get enough demo run with interfaces....I'll see what I come up with.

18 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Here is where I landed

Event (16)

Hardware (7)

Resource (8)

Icebreaker (9)

Program (5)

  • 3x Bishop (Second Thoughts)
  • 2x Pawn (Opening Moves)

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Mala Tempora

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

21 Apr 2014 Greek Geek

While I really like the build, it will have some huge problems with Oversight AI->Curtain Wall or Advanced Hadrians, same with Wotan. They are not really famous right now with all the Big Ice hate, but I still use them. I will give it a try next time I will play!

21 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Yea, the 1 in 20 games you see that it can be bad, but they're not exactly going to be able to do that on every server.

21 Apr 2014 AkAnderson

I see in the second one you cut Pawn over Bishop. Any specific reason behind that? I would think you'd want more Pawns to recur. Just would like to hear your thoughts, I haven't personally used the deck yet so I don't know.

21 Apr 2014 x3r0h0ur

Never use'd them. RetRun can help you if you REALLY need it, but it just never came up. 2 is plenty.

26 Apr 2014 Fabregus

I like the build and i will test it tommorow in aGreek Chronos Protocol Tournament. I am really scared by the lack of Plascrete Carapaces though. I' ll try to demolish Scorched Earth and Punitive Counterstrike when able.

28 Apr 2014 partialcharge

x3r0h0ur, thanks a lot for posting this deck and discussing it in detail. This bit, in particular, helped me a lot with something I'm making myself:

" far as viruses, they're a separate build. You either get deep red or grimoire based on your program suite, makes the choice fairly binary..."

I had been having trouble getting it to perform, and as soon as I read that I understood that a big part of my problem was being pulled in those two directions. Really good insight there. Thanks!

4 May 2014 Billy

Won an OP event last Friday using this deck! Managed to go from being the newcomer at the game straight to 'the one to fear'! I played the deck complete with your changes mentioned in this thread and everything seemed to fit really nicely. I always felt like paying for quality time was a bit annoying compared to diesel, but then again, it let me throw away the cards that I then ret runned the next turn! Thanks so much for's been quite some time since I won anything.

14 May 2014 x3r0h0ur

@Billy that's fuckin great! I love so hear about my decks helping people win! Netrunner is mostly the pilot so maybe you were just waiting to find the right deck to make your play shine. Congrats!

26 Jan 2015 secretsecret

Now let's rip out its skeleton and make it a E. Kim deck, aye?