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Bed Bath & Beyond 14

The main feature apart from all the card draw power is Cybernetics Court allowing you to draw ad infinum. With all that draw power and with the help of Jeeves you get a good chance to fire Successful Field Test while looking at 8+ cards in hand because of Cybernetics Court. If that happens there is a good chance you'll get some monster servers, some strong assets, and a ton of credits all lined up before the runner has time to set up their rig. Starting with Cybernetics Court and any draw card is the strongest setup you'll be looking for. With this you will have a very strong start with asset servers that the runner will hesitate to run since they have some of the best trash to cost ratios. And even if they are trashed it's pretty easy to recover since you've got a full set of Cybernetics Court which is the most important card and will allow you to find more options to compensate.

With the ice, have at least 2 Fairchild 3.0 in your scoring server with 1+ other ice be it Eli or better. Next ice seemed like a good choice but a Fairchild set allows for more taxing servers early on which greases up the runner for good Stinson fires. And if you get a cheeky psychic field in then the runner will be very hard pressed on accessing if their not fully prepared already to break the scoring server and you'll be able to pipeline in agendas.

Overall pretty fun to use so far but not very interactive since the timing window the runner get's to stop this mass install combo can be short. For this reason I found it pretty important to have both Cybernetics Court and Jeeves Model Bioroids at 3 so you'll get them on time when you need them and there isn't much reason to since they are the core of the design. Marilyn Campaign is pretty useful since it pays for itself after a turn and it recycles itself without extra costs which makes it a more one sided loss against the runner while also benefiting from the draw power of Violet Level Clearance.

For deckbuilding, some cards that can be swapped out are...

Fairchild, Psychic Field, Ichi 1.0, and Friends in High Places

And some cards that can be swapped in such as...

Ash 2X3ZB9CY, Reversed Accounts,Cyberdex Virus Suite, Sandburg, and any advanceable trap

4 May 2017 PureFlight

Cybernetics Court is an easy slot to help synergize with SFT. Why do you prefer Violet over Blue or Ultraviolet?

5 May 2017 Bed Bath & Beyond

@PureFlightInstalling with every click is very important, even without SFT you can still install a lot of ice and assets in a short amount of time with Jeeves. And Blue Level is just too slow since you get just +1 card with 2 clicks and it doesn't combo well with ETF as much as Violet Level Clearance.