Burnout (1-4 Brno Regionals)

DTonius 48

So I tried to bring a deck with Aesop to a tournament. Well, I am not a good Reavershop player, hence the result. But I don't feel that the deck is so bad as the result implies.


Upgrade Asa: Early Compile got me an agenda, another I found in hand I think. My timing was a bit off, I did not get enough cash to clear upgrades from the remote when it was still possible to run it. (I did not find enough stuff to feed to Aesop's Pawnshop) My opponent scored out while I invested all my money in R&D runs.

Scarcity Pālanā: This game was against my friend who knew what is in my deck and how much a single Anansi on R&D hurts. I also did not manage to find Aesop's Pawnshop in the first half of my deck so I did not manage much more besides stealing one Nisei.

Six agenda Azmari: I drew all my icebreakers. When I Compiled the remote with an agenda, I had to break Wraparound with Engolo, since there was no other breaker in my deck at the moment. My opponent managed to score 2 agendas while I hammered R&D (finding another agenda) and I had not enough cash to challenge the remote with Echo chamber.

FA Titan: Coming into this match I knew I have no chance -- I played this matchup a lot and never won. First turn I managed to snatch an Atlas behind a piece of ice with Compile and then find 4 more points in R&D. I managed to get 4 more R&D acesses before the game ended so I think the game was pretty close in the end.

AgInfusion: The opponent who destroyed my perfect score. He didn't drew much ice so R&D was defended for a long time just with Excalibur. One remote run with Compile and then repeated Nyashia runs and The Maker's Eye yielded the agendas.


There are so many! You install program on Flame-out (using the money on it for SMC or with Kabonesa discount), it gets trashed. Then comes Compile and gets it back from the heap into the deck when it can be Kabonesed again. D4v1d combos are also quite cool -- you use tokens, sell it, Compile it for another use and then can get it from the deck again. Scavenge is here to refill D4v1d and Nyashia tokens and to combo with Kabonesa ability if you don't plan to use pulled program right away. Compile is here the MVP -- you can challenge remotes with it very soon. Sometimes I use it while running R&D to get back Nyashia I already sold to Aesop, get one more access and return her into deck. The Flame-out credits are exactly enough to install program with SMC and break almost any big ice for 7. I have no regrets when I sell it with 2 credits left on it though.

Possible changes:

The number of Engolos and Laambs is variable. I felt that 2 Engolos is the correct choice since there are more code gates around these days. Maybe there is no reason for duplicity but I was a bit afraid of breakers getting stuck in the bin and of Skorpios. Only one could work just as well I guess. Maybe also -1 Beth Kilrain-Chang +1 Scavenge

3 Jul 2018 Sanjay

I for one really appreciate these lists being published, even when they don't have stellar tournament results attached. Especially when they have really great write-ups attached. Thanks!