Theo C's Peach Emoji - 4th Place Euros 2017

TR1S 625

This is the same list that went 2nd, 3rd, and wherever that scrub Chris Dyer ended up in the top cut. Without a shadow of a doubt the best corp deck at the tournament and the only losses I suffered with it were due to my own ineptitude rather than the build.

The deck went 7-2 in the Swiss, 1-1 after the cut (though the win was after a judge call).

Wins vs: Reg Slums Whizz x2, DLR MaxX x2, Bad Cards Whizz x3, Seamus' Scottish Whizz.

Losses vs: Yannick Ken, Reg Leela, Bad Cards Whizz x2.

Seriously, Theo has built a monster