Kyle Was Very Wrong (1st Place at Euros Cache Refresh)

Klopstock 575

This is the deck that brought me the first place (on tie breakers) at the Cache Refresh side event at Euros 2017 in Birmingham (Runner Deck can be found here). It is based on HB Spam by Clamatius, with modifications inspired by podoboyz99's Kyle Was Wrong. The modifications I made were replacing the Aggressive Secretary with an Archived Memories which was really good. @Clamatius advised to take the third Friends in High Places, but the ability to recur Biotic Labor is very valuable (and not a single Runner I met was able to keep my Assets down anyways), so I believe the Archived Memories was the correct call. Furthermore, I really liked the SanSan City Grid from the @podoboyz99 list, so I cut the Red Herrings and swapped a Tollbooth with another Fairchild 3.0. The SanSan was also extremely valuable and is highly taxing, when put in a guarded remote and recurred by Friends in High Places.

The great strength of the deck are the multiple approaches and winning stratetgies you have. You can try to rush out Agendas in the early game behind Ice Wall, Enigma and Rototurret, you can turtle with Sandburg or you can Fast Advance your Agendas. This, backed up by an incredible economy which no Runner in Cache Refresh can keep up with, makes this deck really strong.

The Games

Quick remark: This was a Swiss tournament with Cache Refresh decks, basically. There was no bidding for sides, both players played both decks in every match.

Round 1 vs Michele (Kate) - Win: Michele played a big rig Kate with Dhegdeers, fueled by Beth, Magnum Opus and Ubax. In one of the first rounds, he faceplanted a Rototurret which was boosted to Strength 4 by Sandburg, which was too much for his Mimic to break, costing him his Dhegdeer-Opus. This set him back a couple of turns, which was actually very important. Although I won the game 7-0, it was actually very close, since on the very next turn he would have SMCed a Femme on my R&D ICE and then used his Medium in combination with double Data Breach and a Mad Dash to see lots of cards. Luckily, I won the turn before he could pull it off.

Round 2 vs Rufus (Null) - Win: Rufus played a classic Anarch deck out of Null, with fixed breakers and viruses. In the beginning he tried to contest assets, but quickly realised that was futile. That allowed me to money up, use Sandburg to slow him down considerably (without it, his Yog might have become a real problem) and Fast Advance for the win.

Round 3 vs Jacek (Gabe) - Win: Jacek played a typical good stuff criminal, from what I saw of his deck. An important point was, when he facechecked a Rototurret and lost his Gordian Blade, which meant he had to dig for Abagnale. In the end he got a couple of Medium runs off, but it wasn't enough and I could close the game quite comfortably.

Round 4 vs Toby (Steve Cambridge) - Win: Toby played a good stuff criminal deck with lots of run events. He applied early pressure and slowed me down considerably by forcing me to purge thrice to get rid of Tapwrms. But after that, I made lots of money, turtled behind a Sandburg and used my SanSan to score 4 points, before he could trash it. When I installed a card in my remote and advanced it once, he ran HQ and R&D, but found nothing there. Next turn I could Biotic the GFI for the win. I don't know whether he did not see it coming, he probably did but thought he couldn't get in (which was most likely correct).

Round 5 vs Gijs (Smoke) - Loss: Gijs played aggressively in the beginning, getting to 4 points quickly. Then he ran into a Rototurret (quite a pattern on the day), which trashed his Medium. But soon he got to 6 points off an HQ access and things got troublesome for me. I managed to get to 5 points and then Archived Memories for a Biotic Labor, so he threw everything he had at me. He was able to run HQ twice. I Mooned up to 12 cards, with 3 Agendas, so the odds were a little in my favour there, but on his first access he drew an Agenda for the win. But after some of my Runner wins I am far from complaining about that.

This deck is an absolute beast. Yes, it is definitely weaker than the ones that were played in Standard, but I would say it is even better in its format, because most of its counters are gone. No Whizzard, no Scrubber, no Slums, not even Imp to keep up with your spamming. In 5 games, I was never unable to flood the board with my assets. Then, when you are moneyed up, just go from there and use a combination of Fast Advance and Sandburg-Glacier to win. Amazing.

6 Jun 2017 FightingWalloon

Is Apoc really the only anti-spam tech in Cache Refresh?

6 Jun 2017 Klopstock

Well, there is Paricia, I guess. But besides that, there is not much. Also Apocalypse is quite hard to include in Cache Refresh decks, since Data & Destiny doesn't offer as much all-around goodness as Creation & Control, neither does it give you a bulk of fine cards like Honour & Profit or Order & Chaos.

6 Jun 2017 bluebird503

Congrats, I love the deck name.

7 Jun 2017 Clamatius