Shoulders of Giants (8th at NA Champs)

aunthemod 646

Titan, Atlas, and Colossus got together to win 8th place at Gencon!

Tweaked my Audacious Titan a bit to try to beat shapers, still lost to them in the swiss, but there will be new tech for that matchup, to be revealed at my next gnk! Anarch and Crim 2ez

If I could go back in time I would switch out the Archer for a Cyberdex Virus Suit.

-Steel City Grid-

23 Aug 2017 Wyrm

Congrats @aunthemod. Was a pleasure to play you.

What are your thoughts on CST vs Oaktown? Do you ever even try to score this agenda?

24 Aug 2017 wesselal

I've actually slotted in Armored Servers in that slot and it's been good on the rare chance I've scored it. But, quite frankly, it's very, very rare that I'm ever scoring that 4/2 no matter what it is.

24 Aug 2017 aunthemod

The few times I've scored CST it's either ftw, or fast advanced. Double ToL to get it out isn't a terrible investment with Preemptive Action bolstering your ability to shuffle the tools back in. Hypothetically you can never never advance it out with a single FA tool also. The deck is almost never hurting for money except vs Siphon in which case I'd rather have the drip.

24 Aug 2017 aunthemod

@WyrmIt was a pleasure to play you as well! Exciting game!

24 Aug 2017 aunthemod

Just to clarify, ToL won't count as advancing Oaktown. Mostly the card is in the deck to score with ToL ToL or Tol Audacity ftw in case they steal an Atlas. In the fringe case you're scoring it out before then I think CST helps more than Oaktown.