Lärmbelästigung (1st Place Fantasy Store Euskirchen SC)

Bitstream 34

This is my "back to the roots" version of an agressive noise deck, you should play it like a criminal deck.

Run without breakers and pressure all servers as soon as possible to force ice rez (parasite is the main breaker). Try to kill their economy with imp, you don't care for some net damage or program trash early - you only need breakers after they rez "problem" ice like architect or wraparound.

Your resource eco is nice to have, but if you have a medium out and the R&D defense is only dataraven/gutenberg go tag me if you have Plascrete and/or I've Had Worse.

2 Mar 2016 ANRguybrush


Is trope worth it?

3 Mar 2016 Bitstream

Good question... i'm not sure.

Trope is there for longer games to get dejavus and clone chips back. But it's from the slower, less agressive version of this deck and maybe has to go? I'll put it on my watch list.