The Hunger Box

Kikai 429

So the core of this list is obviously based on @spags pre-rotation list from gencon: Famine - which I love for it's inclusion of News Hound, which turns a weakness of the ID (E-Strike) and a weakness of the agenda suite (Film Critic) into strengths.

And that's probably where the comparisson should end - because where Famine is fairly fast and lean, this list can be incredibly slow and plodding, and, also, this is not a good list.

There is something here (I think), something that is simple but strong, and which really takes advantage of the ridiculously low agenda density - but this list is just too slow, and too fundamentally at odds with itself.

Where it should be challenging the runner's tempo by threatening to boop them into taxing ICE, instead the only consistent scoring plan is to AI gear check with Excalibur - which is a fine scoring plan, but it should not be the only consistent scoring plan.

I do stand by some of my deck building decisions (in order of least to most dubious):

  • Obokata Protocol hurts the runner's tempo, and can be used create scoring windows.
  • Enhanced Login Protocol helps you use Nisei MK II counters, and your ID ability, to click compress the runner to victory - but really this is in because I wasn't confident about being able to make good Targeted Marketing calls.
  • Eliza's Toybox protects against DDoS, helps you rez a DNA Tracker or Chiyashi on archives (for Ag boops), and is kind of like a Melange Mining Corp. that costs 4 to - as long as you play more than 1 x Chiyashi (which is probably too many)
  • Underway Grid is a hard counter to bypass effects, which are the most economical way of getting past your big ICE. Also, this is pretty much your only line against security nexus. In theory you can use it to surprise kill a runner - I've not managed it yet, but I'm willing to keep trying.
  • Tollbooth - basically a 4th DNA Tracker that probably has to live in front of the remote.
  • Helheim Servers - I think this is okay? It makes a server more taxing at the cost of discarding a card (which seems fine?). Also it allows you to fire Excalibur in the face of Atman. So that's good.

But some of my other deck building decisions I regret:

  • Medical Research Fundraiser - a good card for when it's better to give the runner some econ just so that you can rez a DNA Tracker next turn (and sap that econ right out again), but it just conflicts with a core card of the deck - Scarcity of Resources
  • Mirāju - a good card for defending against indexing, but your ID already lets you do that. Otherwise, I feel like using Mirāju to filter your HQ doesn't help you win - it just stops you losing.
  • Ash 2X3ZB9CY - helps you rush an early agenda, but then fizzles out as the game drags on longer, and is dead draw against Nexus decks.

Thanks to @Firvain, who has a much higher win % on with this list (or various iterations there-of) than I do. He stands by Kakugo, but I like the design of Himitsu-Bako too much.

4 Dec 2017 Saintis

Great write-up, and even better piloting at Chatteris! Very cool deck, Scarcity makes it hard to get enough money to keep the pressure up.

4 Dec 2017 GarfieldMew

Great play, watching that final game was like an artist at work; building all the pieces of a puzzle together in place to open those scoring windows. I must admit I was lost watching. Congratulations.

5 Dec 2017 Kikai

@Saintis - not gonna lie - watching a runner pick up daily casts again, after you've reminded them that it costs 5 to install, feels good

@GarfieldMew- I think a lot of the work in playing AgInfusion comes from correct (preemptive) ICE placement - being disciplined and holding back the relevant ICE until you can install it in position 2 of the remote - but you're right, it's really about the puzzle of how to create a scoring window that opens when the runner drops too low on credits, or how to click-compress them on the scoring turn if they play passively.

Reading through the other Chatteris lists I realise that I dodged not one, but two Nexus matchups - for which I am glad.