Jank Chaos Theory Oracle May Double Deck

Hazeling 82

A few months ago, I found a very old Reddit post that had this idea about a Netrunner deck with only a few breakers, Oracle May and a shitload of events. I looked here on Netrunnerdb to see if anybody had made a modern version of this deck, but with no luck so I decided to make my own version and I just love how good it is against Glacier, RP and NBN decks.

How to play: You want to find Oracle May as soon as possible which is pretty easy when Chaos Theory only have 40 Cards.....Don’t have May or Hostage in your starting hand? Mulligan and you have a good chance of getting one of the 2 cards….if not a Diesel or a few draws should do it.

Next step: Start every turn by using Oracle May! You have an almost 100% chance of getting your 2 credits + 1 card! Your opponent will lose his mind because of the amount of jank there is in this deck! Draw until you have Test Run and Eureka in hand and play a Torch absolutely free! With Battering Ram I normally just use Test Run and say program with Oracle may so it only cost 3 credits installing it.

You will draw a lot with this deck but that's no problem....Just trash all your double events you can’t see no use for (Gameday/Hostage) and when there is around 8-10 doubles in your heap Power Nap and see the Corp lose his mind over your credit pool!

Playing this deck is like printing your own money. I sometime feel like I’m cheating! Floating 40-50 credits with this deck is normal because it is so cheap getting in to servers when you have some of the best breakers in the game.

3 Dec 2015 aermet69

I dig it!

3 Dec 2015 HolyMackerel

But do you actually, like, win? I love the idea, and all kudos to you, sir, for making it, and I wish it's viable. How have things been so far?

3 Dec 2015 Hazeling

I just added a description. I win alot with this deck and especially against Glacier, RP decks because money is just not a problem with this deck. Against Butchershop the Corp will just straight our give up trying to make the same amount of money as you because it just can’t be done! I had a game last day where I lost all my money to close accounts 2 turn later I had 40 credits in my bank again. Double Power Nap is one of the funniest turn you can do with this deck…Just look at your opponents face when you get 30 credits in a single turn.

3 Dec 2015 Elodius

Nice deck !

But.. There's 14 double events in the deck - 2 in your grip to enable the double Power Nap play. Power Nap 1 gains you 14 credits, Power Nap 2 gains you 15c. I think you took one to many credit... Maybe that's why your opponent's face was looking like that? :)

3 Dec 2015 Benjen

I played a very similar deck and top 8'ed a tournament. It is a lot of fun to play. My one switch was Scavenge for Eureka!. You end up saving more money that way. For Eureka to matter, you need all three in archives to save on the cost of just playing Scavenge. I think. Anyway, I didn't mind. Yes, you get gobs of cash with this deck. But ice like Excalibur in an RP deck make you sad.

3 Dec 2015 Hazeling

I like Eureka more because of Levy...When you Levy after your last Power Nap, you can quickly get thoose doubles back in the heap and give you even more value.

3 Dec 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Why Tinkering instead of Indexing or Escher? Escher would be especially good as you can stack a bunch of barriers and/or code gates on a single server.

3 Dec 2015 Hazeling

Its not easy to pick one thing from another when you only have 40 cards to play with....I have had Escher in my deck in the start when i tested this but took it out...Mabye i should test it out again instead of the infiltration?

I really like to have the Tinkering because it really help against FA-decks or if one of your programs has been thrashed tinkering can help out alot if you have used all your test-runs :)

3 Dec 2015 aero

Don't mean to be a bubble burster, but this decklist (close to identical) has already been posted a few times (earliest was October 2014).




I played this deck and it's definitely a ton of fun but it's good to make sure the original creators get some credit for the idea.

3 Dec 2015 Hazeling

Yeah I think these kinda decks all spawned from the idea from that original Reddit post I already mentioned in the beginning of my post, and that deck was from just around the time when Oracle May was released. Like I said I build this deck a few months ago right when Gameday was released in Europe and back then these builds wasn’t around. Could it really be more than one person have had the same idea?! Or is it my sick way of taking credit for a deck I clearly mentioned was heavy influenced by an old deck back from the early lunar days? :O

3 Dec 2015 Hazeling

@aero Here is the original Decklist that inspired me to make this deck. It's made by a guy called WhoFly and as you can see I change it drastically: Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (34)

3x Diesel (Core Set)

3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)

1x Escher (Creation and Control)

3x Indexing (Future Proof)

3x Infiltration (Core Set)

3x Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control)

3x Lucky Find (Double Time) ••••• •

3x Scavenge (Creation and Control)

3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

3x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)

2x The Maker's Eye (Core Set)

2x Tinkering (Core Set)

2x Vamp (Trace Amount) ••••

Resource (3)

3x Oracle May (Honor and Profit) •••

Icebreaker (3)

1x Battering Ram (Core Set)

1x Femme Fatale (Core Set) •

1x Gordian Blade (Core Set)

3 Dec 2015 aero

I get it, that makes sense, it's just when I'm on netrunnerdb and I see a deck that looks almost identical to one I've seen and the derived from section is blank, I think "this seems like it's derived from a deck that's already been posted". Maybe the original post from Oct. 2014 was just someone else posting a deck idea they had seen on a forum elsewhere too, I don't know. I think it's good practice to make sure when posting a deck here that there isn't already an almost identical copy posted :) Just my $.02.

3 Dec 2015 DoomRat

I played something very similar to this at King of Servers. I found the test run/eureka combo extremely awkward, and ended up replacing eureka with scavenge. It hurts your power naps a little, but it reduces the combo cost by three credits and a click. It also gives you an excuse to play lady instead of battering ram. Only other comment was that comet really shines in this deck if you can avoid trashing it with oracle.

4 Dec 2015 Hazeling

With the two levy you have lose 9 credits over the game just by cutting them. Plus it is way harder building your double stack up in your heap because you will only have around 10 total in your deck. If you're in a situation where you need money quick you're better of with the Eurika imo :)!

4 Dec 2015 Hazeling

With the two levy you have lose 9 credits over the game just by cutting them. Plus it is way harder building your double stack up in your heap because you will only have around 11 total in your deck. If you're in a situation where you need money quick you're better of with the Eurika imo :)!

4 Dec 2015 Elstyr

I played the events + Oracle May concept since last summer with Ken. It's a lot of fun. :-) netrunnerdb.com

The newest version has Faust and Ninja as single breakers and Drug Dealer as additional draw instead of Kati Jones. It's not a perfect deck but manages to win more often than to lose.

4 Dec 2015 Elstyr

I meant summer 2014 to be exact ;-)

4 Dec 2015 maxey

I used to play a similar deck to this. It did alright, got me 5th place in a store champ. I ended up running a plascrete and deja vu just so I didnt instantly die to kill decks. My main worry with running this deck nowerdays is that it is so easy to be locked out forever by blacklist. If a single breaker goes in the bin then all they have to do is ice up a blacklist with the relevent ice and its game over. Escher could be a fun way to bypass that though.

4 Dec 2015 tzeentchling

The Chaos Theory/Oracle May deck is definitely fun - I've played a variant of it on and off since it came out. That said, it's not great in a lot of metas right now. It's allergic to being tagged, since Oracle May is a cornerstone of the deck and your econ. You also have no way of surviving against a butchershop deck - 24/7 News Cycle was the icing on the cake. Blacklist will keep you out if you're not careful, and Chronos Project just wrecks everything. Your econ is good, but not always good enough for a deep ice server with Ash/Caprice at the end of it.

Still, it's a good example of the big-breaker Shaper deck, and I always like having Test Run in my decks! Definitely overshadowed by SMC, but I've got a soft spot.

4 Dec 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@tzeentchling: The mechanic of Test Run that I absolutely love (and that I think is typically missed) is that it can pull a program from the stack or the heap. It effectively is a less-efficient version of Self-modifying Code and Clone Chip for a single set of slots. In individual power these other two options are better, and most decks will prefer them, but Test Run is very flexible. On top of that. it gives you an excuse to use Eureka! Not a great combo unless your breaker costs significantly more than 6, but hey, we are a shaper here.