NEXT in line? Bryan Stinson!

SubTric 350

This deck was inspired by (and pretty much copied from) Jandersoncad's Stinson/NEXT deck that was posted from last year, with just a few card swaps after some heavy deck testing - namely an agenda swap and the inclusion of 2x Enhanced Login Protocol.

I took this deck the Nottingham Store Champs and did pretty well, with this deck performing stronger than my runner deck. I went 3-2 with this deck during swiss and made the top cut, but lost to Maxx after the cut (finished 6th in Swiss, 8th after the cut - 17 players total).

Overall this is a very solid deck and I've had around a 70-75% win ratio online with it over about 30 games. The basic idea is to set up a scoring server that costs a fortune to break into and then get super rich when the runner gets into it to only find a Stinson sat there, ready to make you very rich. This deck is made of ice and cash and very little else.

Your ID: NEXT doesn't see much play, but it solid so long as your deck has lots of ice. You really need to drop all 3 at the start to make it pay (or 2 really good bits of ice). This deck is running 19 ice which seems to work. General rule is - if you don't have 2 ice you mulligan regardless of what else is in hand. If you only have 2 after the mulligan, chances are you'll pull a 3rd when you refill the hand. Another nice thing about this ID is it makes the runner feel like their Employee Strike is a total waste, and demotivating the runner is always a good way to get into their game plan.

Agendas: Picked so the runner needs to steal 4 while you only score 3. GFI secures that. Corp Sales Team helps up keep the money going and Successful Field Test is just pure awesome. This deck has so much ice that you usually have a few in hand so scoring one means free clicks and as you want to stack ice 5 or 6 deep on your scoring remote, not needing to pay for the install helps. In reflection, I'd drop the concept hopper for another Field Test.

Asset: Advanced Assembly Lines = free credits and a free install. What's not to like.

Upgrades: 1 copy of Ash because he's great. It lives in the scoring server to bate very expensive runs to drain cash or to be a last line against a stimhack run or something unexpected. 2 copies of Stinson are the star of the show - In almost every game against this deck, the runner goes broke, when they do, Stinson scores big... you have so many transactions that you WILL have them in archives. At the store champs I used a Stinson to bluff the runner into thinking it was an agenda and running a server that cost 18 credits (every penny they had) to get into. They saw the Stinson, realised what they had done and said a few harsh words. My turn - rez Stinson, Hedge, Hedge, IPO = 31 credits. BOOM. When this happens (it happens a lot!) it's usually game over for the runner... The only thing that holds this deck back is the money to rez ice.

Operations: Basically all cash here! Hedge Fund, IPO, Lateral Growth (which does lots of work!), Ultraviolet Clearance and Violet Level Clearance all in 2 or 3 copies. Of these, the Violet has seen the least play and does the least work. I am considering dropping the 2 copies of them, for a 3rd IPO and something else (maybe an IP Block or a 2nd Ash)... will have to see. Aside the cash I included 2 copies of Enhanced Login Protocol which does a bunch of work, especially with Turing being an expensive ice to break. There were a few click one runs into a Turing that were stopped dead thanks to ELP. Its one less click to pass Bioroids and it's one less click of Magnum Opus for cash before a big run.

Ice: We have lots. Seidr Adaptive Barrier is probably the star of the show, with Advanced Assembly Lines, Lateral Growth and a stack of cash, having servers 6 deep isn't rare here and this makes Seidr very expensive to break with Paperclip, which everyone is using. 2 of them in a row and thats huge in a 6 deep server. Wraparound and Turing help keep Turtles out for longer and are generally really solid bits of ice, with Wraparound helping against early game Kit runs as well. The other ice is self explanatory. 1x Fairchild was included in the original version of this deck by Jandersoncad, I dropped it, then put it back in and never regretted it. It's expensive, but it's a total show stopper and worth including.

Strategy: Ice, ice ice, Stinson when the runner goes broke. Get 2 ice deep on the scoring remote by turn 2 then drop an agenda in and advance it. Typically I'll score the first agenda turn 3-4 then use the next few turns to bolster up, make money and try to make the runner poor by breaking lots of ice. It's fairly straight and simple but painfully effective!