Berkeley's Best Mom (Undefeated 1st, Eudemonia Store Champs)

Murphy 1388

Sunny is OP and I don't understand why not everyone is playing this deck

I didn't look at the new pack until about 10pm the night before the tournament so I decided I would go with what I knew best, Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist.

I finished 33rd at Worlds with a very similar list (

I won't go in depth as most of that write up still applies.

I swapped the Spoofs for RNG Key because RNG Key was new and seemed fun. It was fun but not worth the card slot and install click. People in this meta can't be spoofed. They are spoof proof. I would probably switch it to something else like 1 more Dirty Laundry and maybe a second Baby?

Anyway, this deck is still insanely good.

If you want to chat Sunny, join the #worldsgreatestmoms channel on Stimhack Slack.

5 Feb 2018 Joseki

Clearly the best deck and is completely broken and cannot be defeated.

6 Feb 2018 TyrellCorp

Actually I just changed three cards and it's much better now.

14 Feb 2018 synapticus

@TyrellCorp are you going to share?

27 Feb 2018 xyf

Changes to bring this into 2.1??