Damage buffet - 4th Winnnipeg SC

FreqKing 246

This came to me via MrBuggles, who credits @Rotage’s Lunatic CI list (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/47648/lunatic-civ2-1-6th-reading-sc-43-people-).

I made a few changes that likely made it slightly worse but it only dropped one game on the day. Surprise is a big factor for this deck and the one loss during the cut was to skilled play against an opponent who was already familiar with its tricks from swiss.

The NGO fronts were dead draws in all my games but maybe still have a place against some runners. Prisec was value and switching one Enigma for a Turing was absolutely a good choice.

13 Feb 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, Turing is an interesting include and something I have not considered myself.

My issue with NGO is that bar Brainstorm none of the ice is particularly taxing and you usually don't mind them stealing a 5/3 from the remote in the first place, however always worth testing out new cards

13 Feb 2018 FreqKing

You analysis is bang on @rotage. I think NGO Front is not the ideal choice for this deck. Turing, however, worked very well. Installed on R&D it won me a game by shuting down Maven against wombo combo deck Paper Planes (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/48287/paper-planes). On a remote it taxes clicks or credits really well, synergizing well with MCA Austerity Policy (forcing them to break with credits in most cases) and Prisec (denying them the opportunity to drop the tag if they click through). I would like to find room for Best Defense. Maybe dropping Ark Lockdown but it really depends on your meta. Thanks for the great list!