Argus Smallpoints

CodGod 12

This is the corp deck I played at NZ Nationals. It won 2 games out of 5, finishing 20th out of 21. It was also a lot of fun. Runner list is here:

The corp deck I'd been playing in our local meetups took too long to play for me to be comfortable bringing it to the tournament, so I needed to build something new, and ended up with this. It's based on a deck I played a couple of years ago in a local league that ended up being quite fun to play, but I didn't have much time to practice before nationals due to being busy at work. I went into the tournament aiming to have some fun games more than to win them all, and I think I achieved that.

Goal was to shove Dedicated Response Teams behind ice that force tags, and have K. P. Lynn for the scoring server/centrals. Lots of agendas mean more Argus triggers over the course of the game. I didn't actually run any serious tag punishment (technically Crisis Management, but I didn't think I was likely to really get it to trigger much), but the runners didn't know that, so had to spend time clearing tags, as well as drawing back up after taking damage for each steal.

Got two kills on the day, one with just snare, one from the combo of Snare! and Dedicated Response Team