Complete - 3-1 @Montreal CO June 2023

Diogene 4029

This was a lot of fun to play! Flower Sermon was MVP and protected R&D and HQ very effectively. Second was SanSan City Grid, which got me the win or allowed me to put myself in advance sensibly.

Game plan : Try to Regenesis an Obokata Protocol, ideally using SanSan City Grid. If the runner steals it (taking at least 4 net damages), try to kill using Complete Image.

Mulligan plan : max one agenda, you will want an ice in your hand early.

Won against 419, Esa and Lat, but lost to Adam (I got flooded early). Sadly, I was not able to use Complete Image to win, it would have been amusing.

Piloting this deck gives multiple lines of play and using Flower Sermon really makes you feel in control of the game. I would argue that Flower Sermon would be good in a PE deck, by making runs on centrals much more risky.

Good games to all my opponents. It was fun!