Negative Play Experience

Frizzler 31

This is the deck I built for Worlds 2020.

It won 5 out of 7 games on day 1B. I ended up at rank 55 of 294.

Another player asked me if he could have the decklist, I gave it to him and he played it in the side events: "All 6 games won, but a lot of negative play experience for the opponents". Hence the name for this deck :-)

It is one of these annoying CTM decks where Runners can throw away almost their entire deck, because all they need is credits and link. But they normally don't have enough of this. Playing this deck is very easy: Install your ice and assets and when Runner has installed his Aumakua and starts a run, rez Macrophage and Aryabhata Tech... Most of the game, Runner is busy scratching credits, trashing assets and removing tags.

But at least one of the games was very thrilling: One opponent simply ignored and took all the tags, and I did not quickly find my Boom! He was up to six agenda points and I feared he would find another agenda or trash the Boom from R&D. But with Rashida, I could finally draw Boom and play it.

Update: I also played this in the NetGiro d'Italia, Stage 2. It only won one out of three games (by flatline). One other game was a timed loss. And the third game was also lost, but great fun: Runner was tagged all over, but he found seven agenda points (4 by White Hat and Legwork, 3 from the top of R&D on a desperation run) before I found my Boom. This game made me think that maybe it is better to swap Slot Machine with Enigma. Slot Machine allows Runner successful desperation runs without any breakers; Enigma would have ended the run in this specific case.

16 Oct 2020 Menghini

Interesting deck, it reminded me of the 'old' Door to Door Making News decks. I kept digging for my Miss Bones and kept wondering where you left the agendas... :D I'm glad I'm one of the 2 wins ;).