Frantic Stabby MaxX (4th at Taunton SC)

swabl 388

I put 2 Frantic Codings in Stabby MaxX because that seemed like a good idea, and messed around with influence and numbers in minor and probably wrong ways. But the core engine is so good that that barely mattered.

The idea behind Frantic Coding was that it acts as a pseudo-tutor for Laamb and gets us to our brutal Labor Rights powered endgame sooner, as well as giving us a better out to rush. In practice it was fine I guess? Had I known the consensus best build involved Street Peddlers instead of Inject I probably would have gone with that, but I was too busy playing Sekiro to see the developments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Beat a Blue Sun and a NEXT Design in swiss, IDing my way into the cut as I also won the corp games, then immediately lost to The Outfit rushing SDS Drone Deployments and a Mti that I might have won had more than 3 agendas emerged in the 40 minutes we had.

Good deck, good games, good time