CI - "Luck is a Skill" 1st Place GNK

tonomus 11

List noted as not legal due to Shipment from Kaguya.

Flexibility was my plan going into my second post-rotation event as a new player to our local meta. Of note, I got caught up before the event and registered a list without finalising my influence count, so I went in with only 12 used inf. Luck is a skill!

I went with Vitruvius to have several easy to score agendas and to sometimes benefit from the recursion and archive protection. Ikawah for the slight difficulty in stealing and to be scored early behind FC3 before the runner established breakers. 1x Elective and 1x Eff Comm gave me additional clicks when needed, though Elective was often my biggest liability if I could not score it early.

This deck utilises a small variety of useful and taxing ICE, taking FC3 as my restricted felt very good. The ICE performed very well, including forcing a kill on a (narrowly) failed Stimhack run into a Brainstorm/Helheim remote, FC3 (or bluffing) in front of MCA, and simply double or triple ICE'd centrals were very effective at taxing the runner. Three (or more?) additional ICE would improve this deck. I feel that glacier was very effective, and I struggled to ever establish more than a single remote.

My Assets and Upgrades are straightforward, though few in number. MCA for spicy click action. Reversed Accounts for bluffing, bankrupting, or opening up a Bryan Stinson turn. Helheim to force a kill or keep runners out. CVS for scoring. In hindsight I was fortunate to avoid any opponents who established a significant Clot lock, and there were no Clone Chips on the table to establish any recursion. I believe a second CVS would be helpful in future matches.

Operations suite feels fairly standard, UVC are VLC are just pure gas. Punitive / Neural to punish or kill, SfK to enable scoring or RA to bankrupt the runner after Eff Comm. Scarcity was included to either jam turn 1, or to hold up in case of a mid-game Employee Strike.

I ran with this posted list, but had intended +1 Neural EMP, +1 SfK, -1 Scarcity -1 IPO.

13 Feb 2018 rotage

Really like the list, love how you have combined different concepts from different CI archetypes, how many times did you win by scoring out vs flatlining the runner?

13 Feb 2018 tonomus

Two flatlines, one score out and one timed win after a long game with Apocalypse knocking me down to Architect only on R&D, and the runner not able to punish with Equivocation or other significant multi-access.

My experience with this list was excellent. I enjoyed having the ability to try out a variety of gameplans, though a more focused build will certainly be less volatile.