Appetite for Destruction - 4th place Berlin SC

Quercia 277

This is a fairly standard Apoc Anarch deck using Hoshiko's ability to accelerate the set up. EMP device seems good to contest long remotes when they #cancel the judgment's day. The deck went 2-1-1, mainly because I'm a lousy Apoc player. In at least two dominant situations I managed to take all the wrong decisions while my opponents made all the right calls. Can we just ban skilled people out of tournaments already?

Labor rights and EMP device were very good on testing but did not showed their faces in the entire tournament.

Round 1 against Bl4nk3t on Chronos Protocol - They early scored a House of Knives, delaying the Apoc plan but got low on cash. I kept the pressure, rebirthing into Alice forcing them to feed me an SSL that turned the game around. With Eater down, money and not any scoring threat I went for Amped up + Wanton to get rid of his hand and maybe even finishing the game. Sadly Amped up hit my Wanton (out of 6 cards in had thanks to Hotel draw) and I got there standing like an idiot with a lot of clicks and nothing useful to do. Although I found a HoK they managed to money up, ICE up and set the remote. I never challenged it due to tunnel vision issues and eventually lost the game.

Round 2 against Albert on GameNET - This one was so close. I apoc'ed early stole a Bellona, while they scored an SSL. Then Apoc'ed again. They scored a degree Mill thanks to NAPD cordon and La costa Grid. Then threatened to score again with another NAPD cordon. I amped up, Apoc'ed to save the game and with one click left couldn't steal anything due to NAPD still being live. The heap had all the remaining agendas at this point. But they drew into 2 Tollbooths and I kept clicking around around like a headless chicken. Short after the remaining Echo chamber sealed the game. Albert is a fantastic human being that felt so guilty about playing that awful deck that brought Ice cream to make up for the frustration caused to everyone else. You're therefore forgiven. :*

Round 3 against Watzlav on AgInfusion - Well, Apoc wasn't really an option but I kept the pressure up as much as possible but they manage to score a Nisei. More pressure, the game dragged around until time was called on their turn. Install-Advance to get rid of a 2 pointer that could tie the game. 2 unrezzed ICE and a Gold Farmer in the Innermost position. Hotel put me on 7 cards and with some creds I ran click one. Anansi. Screw Spiders, I walked through, drew, ate the damage and Nisei ETR. Ran again, middle finger to the spider and got booped to an another dimension. Another run, this time stomping Anansi, breaking Gold Farmer and stealing a Cyberdex Sandbox, snatching a stalemate from the jaws of defeat. #Hamilton

Round for Against 5N00P1on Mirrormorph - Took a brain due to face checking a FC3. Got money, got the Eater but the MCA was stopping me cold. Amped up and with 2 Apocs in hand there was no chance to miss this time. Fireworks! Then Stargate kept my opponent out of ICE and eventually conceding.

My Corp performed much better but the SOS kept me out of the top 3. Got a shinny new playmat to dry tears away. Try it, they are super absorbent.

Thanks to the awesome Berlin Meta, always so fun and kind and special thanks to Saan for organising this tournament in this brief window of peace.