Palana Banana v2: 1st Zurich regionals (3-1)

qvm 1891

This deck is like my previous Palana Banana, but even more yellow.

I placed first in Zurich regionals (14 ppl), going 3-1 (Bye, 419, Leela, Freedom, Maxx). The trick was to come in first in Swiss, and then choosing to play Leela (to not play against other Leelas).

Jinteki Glacier is in a tough spot, in part due to Engolo and Amina. That's why I slotted three toll booths (6 for Engolo, 7 for Amina). I didn't actually test Tollbooth in Palana, and having lost the only Leela game during the tournament, I don't know if it helps.

A big problem is Pad Taps. My theory was that glacier needs to trash it anyway, and Palana gives you more money to do so. But then, you really need to trash it asap. The other theory is that you survive Corporate Grant (it's about the equivalent of an Employee Strike against Palana). However, the sum of all denial mechanisms adds up.

Thanks everyone for a great tournament, and thanks to @Lostgeek and @RotomAppliance for theorycrafting.