RvdH's Double Femme MaxX (14th at Euros, 3rd in swiss)

RvdH83 686

This is the MaxX deck that I took to Euros 2018 together with my Jemison list. I added a second Stimhack the morning of the tournament; in testing I only played one. You can feel it's blasphemy for running 48 cards, but they get auto-trashed anyway, so it doesn't really matter that much.

At the morning of the tournament I still wasn't sure what to run. I had TheBigBoy's Reina, my own Smoke list and this MaxX list.

MaxX was usually doing OK and I expected a lot of NBN. I therefore went with two Femmes and a Retrieval Run. Luckily I didn't face any Skorpios throughout the tournament.

I strongly feel that a 1-off Slums is right. It beats ARES, CtM and Wake Up Call. And it ensures less recursion in many, grindy, Jinteki decks. It also works particularly well with Maw.

  • Round 1 (2-0): win against Bastion from my own meta on PU. I grinded him to the last card in R&D, which also happened to be the last Obokata I needed. Otherwise he would be decked in two turns. The only game I Levy'd twice. I Rebirth'd to Omar at the end of the second run through my deck.
  • Round 2 (4-0): win against Punitive Pālanā. His first Punitive hit an I've Had Worse and then I ran away money wise.
  • Round 3 (5-1): win against a flooded Azmari.
  • Round 4 (6-2): loss against TugtetguT's Moons. I think all 8 breakers were in the heap with a Blacklist on the board. I hate that card.
  • Round 5 (8-2): win against Azmari. I had a very bad mull with almost no money cards. I went Deep Data Mining on turn 2 on an open R&D and lucked into 8 points in the first four cards.
  • Round 6 (9-3): ID
  • Round 7 (11-3): win against Highwire's Asa Group. I had all the good cards I needed to find 3 agendas in a relatively short period of time.
  • Round 8 (12-4): ID
  • In top 16 I lost in the fun bracket to percomis' Titan. It's the only game I feel I should've played very differently.

Overall, I feel the deck is great against NBN and most Jinteki. And most of the time not so great against Moons, Titan and obviously Skorpios.

5 Jun 2018 Saintis

Congratulations on your great placement! This is very similar to the list I ran :). I see Slums being a good meta include against a lot of CtM. How did Citadel Sanctuary fare? Was it useful?

Was 2 Maw enough? I'm worried I would lose both and therefore be limited in both DDM and Data Folding money.

5 Jun 2018 RvdH83

I think I installed Citadel only once during a testing game. But I didn't play against NBN so much when testing. It is decent against Urban Renewal and can clear tags from Data Raven. I could see it being cut from the list.

I wanted to switch to 3 Maw, but I only brought 2. :P