Genuinely the worst Aginfusion EU

Huw 8

yup thats right. Are you tired of playing the decks that do well at tournaments? Do your eyes glaze as you see page after page of CTM, CI and Skorp decklists?

Well my friend, how about this pile of trash. I piloted this expertly crafted deck to 171st at Euros this year, making it THE worst Aginfusion deck in all of Europe. Now if you're like me, and I'm assuming you are, you're already bristling with excitement to try this. What happens if they play Employee Strike? What if they have Aumakua? How do you have enough money to rez anything with most of your econ tied into 1 trash cost assets?

Friend, these are not the questions you should be asking. What you should be asking is, how badly can YOU place in a high level event. I assure you that you can't do worse.

5 Jun 2018 .wil

Statistically, I’ll come 21st.

6 Jun 2018 presheaf

It's not all bad, you beat me (Val Rebirthing into Freedom). :)