Weyland Facile Startup (old)

Diogene 2181

UPDATE : REPLACE 3x Sprint by 3x Reversed Accounts. Check https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/66014/weyland-facile-startup- for the correct list.

Easy to play in Startup. This represent well Weyland : glacier, lots of creds, rig and runner shooting.


The strategy is to make two towers : a single scoring remote and R&D. Those should have 3 ices and more if possible.

Those ice can be put in any server : Pharos, Magnet, Ballista.

For the (single) scoring remote : Palisade. For HQ : Afshar, it is enough to put 2 ices on HQ. Preferably on Archive : Tithe.

Tricks of the deck :

  1. Pharos is not expected to be advanced, unless you are sure the runner does not pack ice destruction or ice derez or Botulus.
  2. Hansei Review should be used on Subliminal Messaging if possible.
  3. Rez Magnet as late as possible, to allow you to get that Botulus or Tranquilizer.
  4. Use Predictive Planogram to get 3 cards and 1 , this will speed up your game.
  5. Use Sprint and Spin Doctor to put agendas back in R&D and thus keep HQ safe.
  6. Prefered cards to bring back with Spin Doctor : Predictive Planogram and Hedge Fund (exception for agendas).
  7. Send a Message effect is best used on Pharos and Ballista, as it let you get back the whole value of your credits spent.

I believe this will be easy ("facile" in french) to play this deck. It should be pretty forgiving for any player.

25 May 2021 Greasythumb

Worth noting that 'facile' also has a meaning in English (although pronounced differently, with an 'i' as in 'right'). It means easy, but also simplistic or shallow. So calling a deck 'facile' reads like it's a silly idea, possibly a naïve solution to a difficult problem.

25 May 2021 Diogene

@Greasythumb that is a nice include. Since I'm a french speaker, I like to include french words in my deck titles. In french, in a different context, it could be used also in that meaning. But the "naive" meaning is a bit true ;-) since I tried to make a simplistic deck (if there is such a thing for any netrunner deck :-) .

Thanks for the comment. Cheers.