The Easyware or the Hardware

s.fritzi 35

Took this along with this rushy Azmari to the last Montreal GNK and went a respectable 2-2. At its core, this is based on Code Marvelous's Lat deck from a few months back.

A couple changes:

  1. The original had three Stimhack, but I found I only really needed two. The space slot and influence went to Buffer Drive, which was absolutely clutch in matchups like Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations and Jinteki: Personal Evolution.

  2. One Hunting Grounds over the second The Turning Wheel. It's just a good card, especially in an NBN-heavy meta.

  3. One Khusyuk over two Beth Kilrain-Chang. This one is probably not the correct substitution but rather stems from the fact that I apparently only have one proxy Beth and panic-included a silver bullet Khusyuk. You can pretty consistently land a 5 or 6-card dig, and the shuffle means you can double-tap R&D if you have your RDIs out.

Card MVPs:

  1. Lat: Ethical Freelancer. Being able to stash cards in Paule's Café makes matching the corp's handsize very easy. The ability pretty consistently fired, which gives this deck some much-needed tempo.

  2. Paule's Café. Hooo boy, this card. Gets you set up, lets you unload cards to fire Lat's ability.

  3. Film Critic. Personally, I think this might be the best Runner restricted card out there at the moment. Between Obokata Protocol, SSL Endorsement, Bellona, Project Vacheron, and SDS Drone Deployment, everyone has some pretty toothy 5/3s. Film Critic felt extremely good in every matchup I had, win or lose.

Overall, thanks to all the fine folks who came out for our 16(!!!)-person GNK.

5 Mar 2020 arieli61

Nice deck! I love the Mandalorian reference!

8 Mar 2020 s.fritzi

Thanks! Made a couple changes in J-Net testing in advance of our next SC. Afterwards I'll post updates, but I'm optimistic.