Temper Tantrum - The most fun I've had with CV

knails 488

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stimhack.

Are you tired of digging through 50 cards for your breakers and console?

Are you tired of Milling your breakers against Skorp?

Maybe you are a CI player and your hands ache from holding too many cards?

Then oh boy, Do I have the deck for you!


A little slow off the mark but once Patchwork and zero hit the table he's off like a rocket, Double dipping with peddler to use Patchwork on the corp turn is a great way to get the most out of this console and it's also the most effective way I found to reliably trigger Gnat's ability at the start of your turn. Only having to get down to 3 cards in hand is much easier than getting down too two.

Do you keep missing your IHW with Zer0? Get some shiny new ribs!

Wanna draw more cards? Get some better blood!

Played to many stims? No you haven't!

Get yourself a spooky skull and keep going!

This little pipsqueak is pissed off, full of stims, and he's coming for your gendies.

14 Aug 2018 percomis

A+ on the memes Toby.

16 Aug 2018 Apex Predator

Cool. I wondered how to use this guy.

You might want to consider putting Wyldside in your deck. After all, you are running 3x Levy AR Lab Access and relying heavily on draw.

Tell me if I'm being obvious or annoying.

16 Aug 2018 Vortilion

Nice deck, much fun to play. Unfortunately it will be invalid soon... :( Otherwise I would have thought about taking it to nationals in two weeks...

17 Aug 2018 CryOfFrustration

Don't do stims, kids!

17 Aug 2018 knails

@Apex PredatorWyldside could be good I don't think it needs more draw though

18 Aug 2018 BlackCherries

I think even without the Zer0, the deck's not half bad, could easily replace it with x3 Inject instead.

20 Aug 2018 Tamijo


20 Aug 2018 PeterCapObvious

@Apex PredatorThought Wyldside was rotated?

23 Aug 2018 lunchmoney

Wyldside has rotated. And Zero is now banned. It was good whilst it lasted.