Lobstermonsterism (6-1 UK Nationals)

Goeshi 88

blow this guy

This deck went 6-1 at UK Nationals, keeping me afloat despite my horrible misplaying as Geist.

I chose to take the Judge over Reversed Accounts or Bryan as I found it got me more murderdeathkills and provided a more lasting threat. Ice Wall replaced Vanilla to keep turtle out. The rest is fairly standard.

My only loss all day was to Simon Ho on Valencia, losing a precious Atlas early game and struggling to claw the game back from there. Wins were against Jesminder (rough matchup!), Geist, CV Val, CV Khumalo, Smoke, and Pirate Hayley. Coming in 50th overall, which I was very happy with as a first-timer.

Thanks to everyone at UK Nationals for making it such an awesome day!