Much worse CTM (2-5 @ UK Nats)

J-Flex 133

I was struggling to find a decent Corp to play for Nats. I had played around with PU and the Outfit in regionals but I needed something more suited to my playstyle and/or a deck that didn't always go to time.

I picked up what turned out to be the Nationals winning deck but classic nervous fidgeting I had to meddle and swapped the QPM for a Fly on the Wall, with the dream play of scoring it thanks to Calibration Testing and then playing Exchange to swap it for a Food.

You'll be pleased to hear that I managed to do just that in the final round of swiss, the only time during the tournament but other than that it didn't do too well in my hands which is a shame as my win rate with the deck in the casual lobby on jnet told me I'd have a strong day with it. Plus I can't shuffle well apparently, 2 games I was horribly flooded. It's not fun when you install 2 Food naked against Dyer because you're that flooded - that chap can win without my deck conspiring against me.

Went 2-5 during the day. I probably should have brought something else. Anyway, Tim won.