Worldwide Apocalypse - 40th at Worlds 2018

paulyg 1034

I love playing Apocalypse, and I played Apoc Val for the second half of regionals season and at UK nationals. What I hadn't considered (until I saw Chris, Seamus and others do it at UK nats) is that you can drop Strike to gain some influence and play Apoc AND Indexing. And DDOS + Indexing is pretty amazing.

So I set about changing my list so fit in two Apocs and two Indexings. I still wanted Rebirth as Omar makes apocalypse so much easier and I had two influence left. Originally I went with a Legwork but then I got worried about Excalibur in Aginfusion and all the nonsense ice in Acme and switched from Eater to Aumakua. I should have stuck with the Legwork, I think.

I thought Rumor Mill was fine but that Hacktivist was at least as good. By going with Hacktivist I could squander my precious unicorn on a 1x Mad Dash. But what a Mad Dash!

2x Day Job is for recovery money after apocalypse or when Scarcity is down and you can't find your currents. I went down to 2x Laundry mostly because of Mti and because this deck doesn't like to run a lot.

Overall, this deck did fine and mostly lost to CTM which I am pretty terrible at playing against. Apoc notably often doesn't help that much in that match-up. My corp deck was the real star of the show, going undefeated, but my runner did well enough that I finished day 1 at 11-3 and made day 2.

You can see me playing this deck on stream against Timmy Wong here. Timmy gets a horrible draw, but I'm pretty pleased with the apoc that I pull off.

Thanks to all of team UK for the support. It was my first ever worlds and it was an amazing and memorable experience! Also special thanks to my wife Kat who encouraged me to go and was incredibly supportive of me doing this fun but very silly thing.