Constructing Cyberspace Version 1.0

Whiteblade111 2541

You want to be as slow as possible, while playing it fast. Common turns will be "Advance, gain a credit, advance" You're playing for the long con. Your agenda density is so low you can feel fine about them hitting RnD, but you generally want your ice on RnD and your scoring remotes about 4-5 ice deep. HQ generally is fine, unless they're hitting you with account siphons.

Scoring method:

The goal of this deck is to score a Glenn Station, and then host Government takeover on it. You now have time on your side. Generally you want to score out Glenn Station with 2x Trick of Light, but if you can score it in the remote, good job. Then host Goverment Takeover on Glenn Station, and continue to advance ice. Just grind the runner down into nothing.


Constellation Protocol has the benefit of a high trash cost, with a low rez cost. You want to get this in a decent scoring remote, and just move advancements around, generally to your fire walls and Hadriens. It's click compression, and can act as a bluff in the late game. Jackson is standard.


Coroporate Troubleshooter helps you leverage your economic advantage ( Costly Servers, Commercialization , into a scored agenda in the late game. Cyberdex Suite is to protect against Anarch tricks. The twins is a niche card that can score agendas. Make them hit that 15 Strength Fire Wall again, you generally want to use it on a big advanced fire wall, ice wall or Hadrians.


Shipment from Kaguya is click compression and is a nice early game card. Commercialization turns your ability into an economic burst. You can play it when ever early game, but you want to get at least nine credits out of it, usually. Housekeeping is an MVP of the deck. Get it out early and put pressure on the runner, forcing him to burn through his deck faster. Due to the low agenda density, the odds of them trashing it are low, meaning if you get it out early it can stay around for a long time. Reclemation is to recur your TOL's, plain and simple. TOL is the main scoring method of this deck. Standard Hedge Fund inclusions.


Standard 3x Fire, Ice and Hadrians. Strong advanceable ice. Wormhole and Nebula are both strong ice also. Asteroid belt has been excluded because fire wall is just.. Better. Orion is also included because it is strong. You want to advance an ice every turn, turning the length of the game into an advantage.

Playing Tips:

Play fast, and slow. To play this deck at a tournament you need to be able to autopilot. No dodling and running down the timer. Bring a fast runner, because this runs forty minute games easily. At the same time, draw your games out. Make the runner run, bait him through your ice.

Advance, Advance, Advance. Advance an ice every turn. Only have Space ice out, all at three? Pysch them out by over advancing, you've got constellation protocols to move your tokens around.

Never install an agenda unless you're 100% sure they cannot steal. This deck wins over time, take it slow, don't feel the need to put pressure. You can grind their deck down over time.

4 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Might be fun to squeeze some Builders and/or Errand Boys in there. I like that you pretty much don't care about Emergency Shutdown or Forged Activation Orders at all.

4 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

This is fun but I am having difficulty with quetzal d4v1d recursion

4 Mar 2015 Dydra

If you have deck space to play cutsy thing like The Twins and a big part of your Game plan is to host Government Takeover on Glenn Station ...

Get Fast Track .... no reason not to

4 Mar 2015 robotussin

@Dydra I thought the same thing about adding Fast Track

5 Mar 2015 Whiteblade111

@robotussin @Dydra

100% agree. I'll edit it to take out a shipment from Kaguya, and add in a fast track.


While both are good ice, all the ice here benefits from advancement counters. You want to turn your idenity power (and advancements) into a long term power house. The longer the game goes on, the more advancements you get, the stronger your ice gets. It's a beautiful thing.


I got my friend to play that against my earlier today for the first time, I agree it has issues. I don't see a lot of D4vid in my meta, but if you do I would suggest using Will o the wisp to blow up their barrier breaker, or use coroporate troubleshooter on a nebula to force a trash. Make your server's three barrier deep, that ability can only fire once a turn.

13 Mar 2015 diufghadsfiuahs

I love this deck if only because it is far more likely to cause people to quit mid-game out of frustration than anything else. That's the real way to win.

Thanks Marvelous.

14 Mar 2015 Oisin

As great as Wormhole is, I would cut one for one Builder.