Surveyor ASA (4th at Domecon, 1st at two small tournaments)

Longi 1550

Update: Even though this deck was originally designed for Diversified Portfolio tournament (which it actually won) it also proves to be strong enough for current standart meta. It helped me won little warm-up tournament (14 players) on Thursday before Double Play 2019 in Berlin (Domecon) and it ended up 4th on the main Saturday tournament (35 players). So if you want play anything else then MTI you might give this a try;) PS: if you haven´t been to Domecon yet, pleas know, it is blast to attent and you should do your best to show up next year;)

=============================================================== This is my ASA deck I have been testing for a while. It´s inspired by a deck which helped @Mirilu to secure a third place in Laser Runner event. Even though it lost Ultraviolet Clearance due to rotation, I still thought it might be viable and strong deck. I did quite a few alteration during testing and I am satisfied with its performance (it went undefeated during the Diversified Portfolio tournament securing 1st place out of 7 players)