Credit Clicker 3001 (5th @ Euregio)

Klopstock 640

This is the Corp deck I brought to the Euregio, going 4-2-1, beating Sunny, Maxx, Apex and Leela, losing to another Leela and another Maxx while drawing with a Khan (in a position that was relatively good). This deck is based on aandries' Tech Glacier, which I had the great pleasure to die horribly against during King of Servers at Worlds 2018. Two months later Vokke finished first in Swiss at the last Euregio with the same deck, so I thought I'd give it a spin, since I expected far more Criminals and Anarchs than Shaper, which was the right call for the event. I cut one Crisium Grid for Sadaka and used the spare influence to swap an IP Block with a Jua. These changes were both good, Jua was better than the IP Blocks and Sadaka was amazing. It blew up a Rachel Beckman against Sunny and was a huge pain to break for Engolos and Laambs, all for the measly rez cost of 2. The worst card on the day was, strangely enough, Kakugo. I never drew them early enough, and later on it is a huge investment to install them on a big pile of Ice, install another Ice in front and have enough money left over to rez the painful Ice in front of the Kakugo to deny easy Turning Wheel farming. Don't get me wrong, Kakugo is a very good - and annoying - card and it fits well into the deck, but it is quite awkward if you draw them later in the game.

30 Apr 2019 CryOfFrustration

Is the title a reference to that Whizzard deck Timmy Wong once published?

30 Apr 2019 adquen

"drawing with a Khan" is a sentence I never thought I hear from you. :P

3 May 2019 Klopstock

@CryOfFrustration It is :) But it also makes sense for this deck, since you click a lot for Credits with this deck, as you want to prolong the game as much as possible.

@adquen Thanks, I guess :D We had a pretty long game one of Stabby Maxx versus Blue Sun Glacier and this deck is not good when it comes to closing a game quickly, so we both ended on 2 Points when time was called.

3 May 2019 Cluster Fox

Needs more Domestic Sleepers imho.

5 May 2019 Klopstock

@Cluster Fox Credit Clicker 3001.5 incoming. Now with Domestic Sleepers and Merger.