reina test - just plain anarch things - 1./13 SC - 3:2

Tradon 73

first: i kind of netdecked the reina from lazychef13 - so go and look at his deck here:

I changed a few things, I had good games with both the Ice-Carver and the Kati Jones I just wanted to try out reina instead of Val and it was funny as we had 8 out of 13 Weyland + 1 Spark and just 1 single MTI - it baybe that Val would have been batter - but whatever - I really think it doesn't make a big difference in how both deck work

I played against:

Argus: I had Aumamumu + Sucker running and could just outdo him in a relatively long, close game with locks and ice-destruction and purges and tags and everything cool you can think of in Netrunner

Titan FA: here i was able to outplay his deck methodically with turning Wheel and Kati and turntable for Atlas-Tokens

Nisei Division: i can't really remember - but he was on low ice and a few of it destroyed itself so i won over some rnd-runs and obokatas

Spark Agency: I managed to get to 6:0 after a few turns - and then my game and my money came to a complete halt for a long time after hhn economic warfares etc. - not able to do anything again after it I just lost after some time clicking for credits - maybe I just played worng, but i dind't see a real chance at some point to do anything senseful at all

The Outfit: here I was hard taxed again for a long time after reversed and HHN - so again I just couldn't get into the game anymore at some point

3:2 but I managed to win with boreiras RUDE Outfit 4:1 - so overall I won the SC as well - it was fun alltogether and I'm very happy we had 13 people showing up here in Bavaria and playing this wonderful game