Puppeteering and Flags

Chaostheorie7 26

This is a jank deck built around Puppet Master, which you want to score early. You can then use it to advance your Hortum (good against Aumakua) and your Mausolus, as well as Ghost Branches and False Flags. The False Flags can actually be scored if the runner doesn't want to run them; the Ghost Branches are mainly for Back Channels -- but if they do run the Ghost Branches and cannot get rid of tall of the tags, Consulting Visit for the Boom or play a Closed Accounts.

Otherwise this is a classical glacier deck, where you try to open scoring windows by baiting the runner with Rashidas and NGO Fronts.

Warning: This is not a terribly good deck, although I have won with it. But scoring a Puppet Master and then getting free advancements is so satisfying! Try it!