Dead by Daylight - Aldershot Store Champ 1st

MrEhjiwurth 1615

Okay. I think I'm safe for a turn. Two seconds later. Okay nevermind. - Ian 3N1GM4

Why is playing against you so stressful!? - A distraught Rufus.

If you use your medals as power counters I'm giving you a game loss - Respected judge and victim Swiftie.

A new year and new degeneracy has spawned from my mind yet again. Please ignore the B&Q bags filled with duct tape and blunt heavy tools. They are not for you. Oh? Your my opponent? I redact my last statement. Don't worry at least you'll get a nice tan taped around a lamp post in the town centre. What's the red X on your chest for? Oh it's just a kiss. You know like you do in texts. Definitely not a mark to other runners who think Apocalypsing my servers for the 40th time is wise.

"Okay what the hell is this deck?" I hear you pondering to yourself with unevenly elevated eyebrows. Well my beaten and bruised friend. THIS is art at work. Watch as my opponent acts as if nothing is wrong. A smile across their face as they've yet to see the underbelly of what is to come. The horrors that await them through sleeves of dark green. Then the moment. The contortion of their face as they see the 4th advancement of Broad Daylight revealed before them. They tilt their heads, a muttering of a favourable phrase "What's this card do?". The words form before them yet they do no understand. They shrug it off as being weird and unusual. They do not see the Neural Emp and Salem's my fellow colleagues and family members ready with cricket bat and electric shocks in hand. Only then does the beauty of their demise fall upon them too late.

...That and killing people is just fun! I wouldn't say I'm known per-say for inflicting pain upon my opponents but when I do, I earn it.

The deck essentially attempts to kill the runner or speed out over heavy ICE and fast scoring. Scoring one Broad Daylight allows you to threaten a murder at most times. If they have 4 cards or less in hand it's easy. When it gets to 5 you may need your bro Ibrahim to lend you a hand...oh wait that's the Runner's hand. He can be a bit cathartic.

This deck was undefeated on the day only sparing the life of a valiant Geist who is very slippery and hard to kill. Luckily a strength 12 Surveyor is very effective at stopping them in their tracks. I tested this amalgamation of cards at Taunton a week before and the survivors or shall I say the ones I allowed to live seemed to enjoy it so I tuned it up a bit. Another breakfast decklist has succeeded which has done me proud.

Favourite plays of the day

Using Contract Killer to snipe a Jesminder's DJ Fenris. It's the simple things in life that please me.

Denying a Maxx their last Same Old Thing so they couldn't Levy and slowly whittling them down with Broad Daylight.

A Val thinking they were safe behind I've Had Worse before swiftly realising I use Salems Hospitality and slaughtering them.

This deck is silly. It's hilarious so pretty on par for me. I enjoyed seeing Broad Daylight and trying to build around it, I hope to continue into the new NISEI powered ventures and sets and show them what real competitive jank is.

13 Mar 2019 Skeletons

Fantastic. I always love seeing new ways for Weyland to kill without resorting to tags. Congrats on your win!

Did you consider Under the Bus in this deck at all?

13 Mar 2019 Radiant

Wow, an Outfit deck with no Too Big to Fail - what made you not want to include it?

14 Mar 2019 Saan

@RadiantThere's actually 2 TBTF in the deck, hiding just below Salem's Hospitality's influence pips.

14 Mar 2019 MrEhjiwurth

@Skeletons I actually didn't consider that but its definitely an interesting slot. I like Contract Killer as another way to make runners drudge through chonky ICE or a way to kill them but yeah Under the Bus is definetly a consideration.

15 Mar 2019 5N00P1

Not sure, is this deck really that strong anymore when you know what it is doing? When it's clear that is has no Hard-Hitting News treat?