Controlling the Bladder

bking 341

I can be your villain, baby.

This deck is nasty, and definitely should have a warning label on it. It went 4-1 in Swiss at German Nationals, and 2-1 in the cut.

Plays very similar to the R+ prison decks, with added Bladderwort spice, and more filter with DBS.

Thank you to al the Unband members for just being great people and super supportive, and everyone who organized this tournament, it was excellent, and everyone who was at German Nationals, it was one of the best times of life.

20 Sep 2022 maninthemoon

That's nice and nasty :) love it! Any post archived plans?

20 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

This is a work of art.

20 Sep 2022 Council


That is all

20 Sep 2022 Bl4nk3t

I agree that it's a work of art in the vein of H. R. Giger - horrifying, yet strangely aesthetic.

I'm a little sad this flavor of CtM prison won't be known as Dungeons & Dragos since you mentioned that this is more dungeon than prison for the runner - but Controlling the Bladder works well too :)

20 Sep 2022 Zerothmaxima

I cannot believe you've done this. Disgusting.

20 Sep 2022 Zerothmaxima

I also wholeheartedly support you being Netrunner's official heel for this competitive season.

21 Sep 2022 percomis

When you won the game in the cut with a single ARES scored against 0 points, you achieved peak Netrunner.

Congrats on the 2nd place finish! Was very nice to have you over for German Nationals :)

21 Sep 2022 pspacekitten

I can't wait to try this pure unfiltered filth. See you in UK, darling!

21 Sep 2022 Bridgeman

@Bl4nk3tI think Dungeons and Dragos should be an acceptable subtitute name :D

24 Sep 2022 formerteen

this deck name is apt because i piss my pants whenever i see ctm across the table from me

26 Sep 2022 tzeentchling

Why 3 NASX? Is there anything in particular you're doing with it?

26 Sep 2022 Zerothmaxima

You can use lil NASX to offshore credits and force more Bladdering. When doing something like this i think its important to tell your opponent something like "Urine trouble now!".

26 Sep 2022 d1en

Congrats Brandon! Well done my guy, super proud of you :D

27 Sep 2022 CryOfFrustration

Holy shit I laughed so hard at the deck name that I got a tag! :D