Wu'd by the Stars. 2-1 Lexington SC, w/ first-round bye

Janktivist 150

First place at the Lexington, Kentucky SC.

This decklist is based heavily off @Frost's Lakkari Sacrifice Wulock deck. I ditched the Clot, Political Operative, 1 Kati, Scavenges, and Supercorridors for Gauntlets, PioT, Interdiction, Cyberdelia, an extra Dirty Laundry, and FbF.

I am a historically terrible Shaper player, and this might have been the first time I brought Shaper to a Standard tournament. But this thing is hella fun to play, and it feels Anarch-y enough for me to get how to play it. In every game, I had all three Rezekis out by the second turn. That's a lot of drip.

First round: Bye.

Second round vs. Spark (win). Three Rezekis pretty much nullifies any harm Spark can do to me. My opponent smartly dropped a DQ behind a Raven, which I never bothered with all game. I got out Engolo and Stargate on Leprechaun and went to town on RnD. My opponent also got a bit jammed up with agendas at some point, so between Stargate's power (see @stoppableforce's recent 419 writeup for a good discussion of why Stargate's no-shuffle mechanic is killer) and naked agendas on the board, I was able to take this one.

Third round vs. NEXT Design (loss). This was destined to be a slogfest, but with only 16 minutes for our second game, the clock made it otherwise. My opponent scored out a quick Vitruvius, but my 4-5 Stargate runs and HQ runs (there was an SSL in hand almost the entire game) came up empty. My opponent won 2-0 at time. Not sure if time mattered because if we were able to play to 7 points, I'm pretty sure my opponent would have had me anyway. The rush-becomes-glacier NEXT deck w/ Cold Site can be super taxing, and I probably wouldn't have been able to keep up.

Fourth round vs. Mti (win). My opponent was testing out a no-BC Mti build, and I was able to use that info to edge out a win on a do-or-die turn. Three Rezekis kept me fueled all game, while Daily Casts and Proco supplemented my econ. I Film Critic'd an early TFP. I used Stimhacks for accesses--two on HQ past a Chiyashi to see multiple cards with Gauntlet and one on the final click of the game to get through a nasty remote by, among other things, Clone Chipping out a D4vid to deal with the Mti'd Sand Storm... Always play BC in Mti, kids.

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