Le Corbusier - 1st at Enschede SC

cableCarnage 729

This is how architects work, right?

Corp deck I took to Enschede SC. Went 3-1 in Swiss, beating Khusyuk Smoke, Crowdfunsing Val and Lat and losing to Gnat. Beat Crowdfunding Val again in top 2.

The overall strategy is to go fast, get to between 5-6 points before the runner is set up then fast advance the last few points. The combination of expensive to trash assets, high quality HB ice and Sportsmetal's id ability means you can outtempo most runners. Some people called the deck SportsCTM.

Card choices:

  • Agendas: Vitruvius is a must due to never advance and biotic trains with Jeeves. 2 GFI to keep agenda density low. 2 Hyperloop as potential finisher and extra Rashidas when the runner steals them. I ran Architect Deployment Test as a trial. Scoring one then installing FC 3.0 feels great and the information given is very nice. I am not convinced that it is better than the 10 monies from Corporate Sales Team in this deck as nothing is particularly expensive to rez.
  • Usual HB and neutral assets: Rashida, Marilyn and Jeeves are good cards so in they went. I don't think the deck needs the Team Sponsorships but it is a good way to sap 4 credits and a click from the runner.
  • Daily Business Show: helps you find ice/assets when setting up and agendas/biotic when you want to score.
  • Amani Senai: So I burnt through half my influence on 2 copies but it was well worth it. This card is a must trash and the mere existence of it makes the runner check most cards installed facedown, leading to a powerful click and credit tax.
  • Biotic Labor: 2 feels like the correct number to run. Also lets you win from 4 points by installing a GFI.
  • Preemptive Action: Sometimes the game isn't quite going your way and you had to discard agendas from hand or use 2 Biotics early. This helps you recover.
  • Red Level Clearance: This card is amazing. Favourite use is letting you fast advance when you are 1 credit short.
  • Cyberdex Virus Suite: Clot really messes with the deck. I think I actually want a second copy after it let me win vs a fully set up Smoke.
  • Core ICE: Hagen, Fairchild 3.0 and Architect.
  • Optional ICE: Eli 1.0 is really good and I think a second copy would work well. I love Thimblerig for the cheap gearcheck and the ability to just put ICE down and rearrange if needed later. If you want to save influence you can easily replace it with Vanilla or Gatekeeper. Ichi 1.0 was never installed on the day and I would cut it from the deck.

Thanks to everyone who participated on the day. I had great fun and I hope you all did as well.

3 May 2019 pskmzr

Love this deck. I'm new to NETRUNNER, but with this deck it's often possible to beat more experienced opponents. And today cablecarnage played against me. Was glad to meet you!