Rezeki me Timbers

pj20 1454

This is the deck I've been working on since Downfall (Khusyuk) came out, and it's right up my alley. Any chance to play Pirate / Geist, I'm super down.

The gameplan is simple, get Rezeki's out early then dig for Tech Traders and DJ Fenris. Draw and install everything, taking 2-5 turns to set-up.

Once you have your "rig", you spam Khusyuks, Levy, repeat. You don't need a ton of money to do anything, because you get paid to break ice. Freedom Through Equality is a bonus/must for the Khusyuk runs, and often you can get 7 points in one turn if you set it up correctly.

Keeping a Clone Chip, Peddler or Sports Hopper on the board can make you Punitive proof, and Misdirection will help if you have to eat a HHN.

Reclaim is a favorite card of mine, and it works great here as a 0-cost Hayley install, as well as getting back Sports Hoppers, Bitey Bois or Clone Chips.

Engolo used to be Laamb, but that's really only for emergencies anyway.

Of course, if you play this deck too much, your meta will shift and multiple people will be packing multiple copies of Navi Mumbai City Grid. KILL THOSE ON SITE, and be thankful you at least have that Engolo.

16 May 2019 Porkobolo

how do you make 7 points in one turn? i see only khusyuk for multiaccess, i'm losing something? You can't use khusyuk more then 1 time per turn

16 May 2019 pj20

@Porkobolo 1 turn not one run. You can play back to back Khusyuk and even have time for 2 Freedoms.

16 May 2019 Vortilion

I love it! Couldnt wait for the return of Pirate Hayley. Tried this deck, it looks pretty strong, but always got Chronos'd the last games. :-( Will keep playing it though! Kudos!

16 May 2019 koga

The Rezeki include is really cool. What do you feel is the strongest between this and Geist in the current meta?

16 May 2019 enkoder

I played this deck and got first in Swiss on day 2 of the Nisei Standard tournament. Can confirm, its very strong across the board and doesn't really have bad matchups. Nicely done @pj20!

16 May 2019 pj20

@Koga I wish it was Geist, but I think Hayley being able to have Misdirection + Levy + Khusyuk influence-free makes her better. There are other trade-offs of course (Criminal run events and Spy Camera), but both dominate at remote camping.

17 May 2019 Vortilion

@enkoder Ohhh, but it does... Nap Time Gagarin e.g. ...

20 May 2019 koga

Played this @ the Bologna Regional yesterday and got 5th place. The deck went 4-1 and I would've probably placed better if I had a better corp. This deck is crazy good @pj20, thanks so much for sharing it!

20 May 2019 Vortilion

The only problem (when I am playing this deck) for me is setting up the rig... Most of the times the corp just scores away :-(