Inclusive Influence Glacier - 3rd place Louisville Regional

x3r0h0ur 8627

Deck went 2 - 2 in swiss then 1-1 in elimination (Loss smoke, loss 419, win 419, win via ID Let) (cut: win vs Wu, loss vs val).

Dont laugh at me, it did manage to get a flatline in the first game of the cut when the splicer damaged the last 2 cards and the stimhack brain damage flatlined the runner. You show those ever stimhacking runners the business with this non stealable agenda point.

The rest of the deck is draw and filter (which also draws) to find the jinjas, and spit ice out. You can often construct entire servers in 1 turn with blue level+attutide or just violet level clearance.

The agenda spread is too tough to score out though. I'd rock some 4/2s or 3/2s for sure, with maybe a fast advance option. The field is to offer a little stopping power against doof and allow for protection on both RnD and scoring remote when working in conjunction with Ash (unique cards!)

Surveyor might be better...I'm not sure. Turing though, thats a great ice. Lots of really cool Loki targets...but this whole deck hates Hernando Cortez.