7 agenda sportsmetal (1st Swiss/4th Louisville Regional)

stoppableforce 575

it's basically @janktivist's sportsmetal regionals?; it's just a good solid deck. big ups to jank for testing this deck to death for me. ;)

Changes from that version:

I wanted to lean into the 7x3 + 3x0 agenda suite from matusczak's original deck, so I did. Voting Machine Initiative.... sure is a thing.

Having played against it, I'm fairly confident in this deck's ability to play without spookytown, and also to counter currents if it needs to. I used the freed slots to get an 18th ice and another draw/money card.

Mason makes it wildly easy to score Ikawahs in a remote. Thanks, Damon!

This is probably micro-optimizing, but: Magnet costs Engolo an additional credit to break. That's it. That's the reasoning.

On playing seven 5/3s out of HB:

Holy cow, the 5/3 selection in HB IDs is terrible.

VMI ended up as agenda #7 solely on account of the way it helps make FC3 more durable. If this deck wasn't spending its influence entirely on 6 Weyland ice, I would have even considered a Vulnerability Audit solely because it can disguise itself as a single-advanced NGO Front.

Performance on the day

  • Round 1: bye.
  • Round 2: win, beating a Rezeki Khusyuk Wu.
  • Round 3: ID, but I then played (eventual champion) @janktivist in a couple casual games on stream and 2-0'd him. That'll teach me.
  • Round 4: ID
  • Top cut round 2: Lost to a goodstuff Leela deck; despite having seven real agendas, I'd drawn five of them by turn 4 or 5 (and still had some luck despite that: in a hand of 3x Ikawah 1x Ash, my opponent managed to only find the Ash).
2 Jun 2019 Janktivist

Ack! This deck is so much better than mine! Why didn't I think about Loki!! Or Magnet!!!

2 Jun 2019 stoppableforce

@Janktivist There was a Loki in Brian's Sportsmetal too!

2 Jun 2019 Janktivist

I saw! Everyone thought of it but me!

3 Jun 2019 x3r0h0ur

Loki is awesome, I had it in mind but didn't get a chance to read it....still good though.