Fly on the Wall [6th Fresno Regionals]

omnijeff 524

Gerry (@Manticore) and I have been working on Clan Vengeance decks since Worlds. With the release of Zer0 we knew it was time to revive the archetype. We took similar decks to the Fresno Regionals and places 5th and 6th in the cut. This was my stronger deck (paired with a fairly standard PU list).

My biggest issue self damage decks was that if the corp mandatory drew an agenda, they could just jam it in a beefy remote without the runner knowing if should have popped our vengeance.

Enter Bug. For a mere two credits, you can know what the mandatory draw is. Further click to draws are handled by Corporate Defector. Only through Rashida, UVLC, or similar can the corp break the lock, and even then it's probably worth it to just pop the vengeance with so many fresh cards.

Comparing my versions and Gerry's, his is probably slightly better in the end. The critic was useful in one or two games, but his version has even more draw to give an even more consistent setup speed, which ultimately cost me a loss in the cut vs Timmy's NEXT Design. Differences are swapping a Ribs and Critic for a Levy and swapping Trope for Earthrise.

10 Jun 2018 phette23

Kodie & I were playing next to this in the top cut and both heard "I install Bug", paused for a minute, and laughed simultaneously. What a creative build, great job.

You fond you needed 3x ribs? After playing with Zer0 a bit it seems fairly easy to play around the net damage most of the time by preinstalling essential cards. Just a thought, not even sure there's a good use for 2 inf.

11 Jun 2018 Murphy

This deck was BUGGING me as Corp.

That is a joke because you played the card called Bug. GGs.

12 Jun 2018 omnijeff

@phette23 The 3x ribs was a holdover from before Zer0 came out where you really did need to be very careful with what you trashed because you could be trashing more damage cards. @manticore only had two and ultimately I think his deck was better.

He played this but -1 Turntable, -1 Critic, -3 Trope, -1 Ribs +1 Brain Cage, +1 Same Old Thing, +1 Levy, +3 Earthrise.

I'd keep the brain cage out and keep the turntable in.

12 Jun 2018 Manticore

Yeah, 2x Ribs felt absolutely adequate to me. I think you have stuff you want to hold (DDOS, Levy, Peace, Bug) that you don't want to cut it entirely and you probably don't have much game vs. Skorp without it, either, but you can get by until it shows up.

I never installed Brain Cage so it can absolutely go. I think a third Stimhack, third DDoS, a Turntable, or a second Same Old Thing to replay Hacktivist, Stimhack, and Mad Dash would all be good choices.