No koffiekoeken for you! - Friendly GNK 1st place

Slowriffs 726

After the removal of Crowdfunding I didn't know what to play in Criminal anymore and I was convinced it was bad. And after playing Smoke for one evening I ended playing against @Ryanbantwins who made a credit denial based Gabe deck. I promptly desleeved my Smoke deck and built the same deck in Leela.

The deck feels strong but on the poor side, thankfully your opponent won't have any money either. There should be some more economy in some form to finish the deck, perhaps going for bankroll to improve the asset spam matchup which is being pushed by NISEI lately.

Thanks to the belgian meta for a great GNK and thanks to @Clusterfox for the brilliant deckname!

11 Aug 2019 ayyyliens

I even bought koffiekoeken for you and all I recieved was a swift kick in the nuts!