Classy Waltz - 1st SC (5:0)

qvm 1921

This deck was undefeated during four rounds of Swiss and the 3-cut final. My corp was Oops this kills.

This deck is a nostalgia trip. It feels like a mixture between Endlessly Waltzing with Leela and having the strong setup of Andy.

Draw is amazing in this deck. Diesel, Earthrise Hotel, Andy and Crowdfunding all draw you cards.

  • Draw is key, as you want to slam down resources as quickly as possible.
  • Blueberry!™ Diesel is not draw, as it doesn't give you more cards.
  • Filtering is cool, and Paragon and Andy give you plenty.
  • Don't swap Earthrise Hotel for Andy. They synergize, and playing 9 big resources allows us to play Career Fair.

All breakers are good. But if you're not playing against glacier, Engolo is usually enough. Engolo is especially good in crim, as they have no way of installing their breakers mid-run (let alone with Stimhack). I tried this deck with Amina, but it just doesn't work [opinion: Engolo/Laamb should be restricted or banned].

I hate currents, so I don't play them if I don't have to. Swap Dirty Laundries for Corporate "Grant" if you want a current.

7 Apr 2019 adquen

You got my like instantly by mentioning the good old Endless Waltz, but the the deck also looks very solid on its own. The only match-up I'm really curious about is Mti Glacier - you have no Kati or other long-term eco once recurring Crowdfundings got expansive. Was this ever a problem or do you just win (or lose) before you reach that point?

7 Apr 2019 qvm

I faced one Mti. It's definitely a tough matchup. My opponent tried to outrush me, but I think that's the wrong plan. If Mti starts turtling it is probably favored. Though some good derezzes can help.

7 Apr 2019 Saan

Blueberry!™ Diesel is not draw, as it doesn't give you more cards.

Fucking thank you. I keep telling people this, and they're like "but it says draw 2 cards." It's only okay if you bottom 1 card that you don't want to see, and even then I'd rather just play a card that I actually want in my deck rather than Blueberry. Otherwise you're just drawing 2 cards over 2 actions (since you spent an action drawing Blueberry.

Also, sick deck. I love that you were actually able to fit in Shutdowns and 2 Inside Jobs.

7 Apr 2019 qvm

@Saan There's also the thinning aspect. Even a pure 'draw two' would have some value, as you now have two cards in your hand, and one in the bin. But diesel has the actual draw and the thinning. That's why it's so good. You're right, plenty of awesome and much better cards.

Thx, I used inside job less than I used to (thx Engolo), but shutdowns are very underrated.

9 Apr 2019 Jinsei

Is there any way to fit Embezzle in here? Love the deck btw.

12 Apr 2019 qvm

@DonLoverGate drop an inside job or two.