[Project CROW - 4] Final stop: FREDPI-ish Val

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Project CROW

This deck is part of the Project CROW mini-campaign for beginners familiar with System Core 2019. It is meant as a glimpse into current competitive Standard decks. The campaign starts off with a match of Reina Roja vs. NBN: Making News and progresses in 4 Steps to the classic Valencia Estevez vs. NBN: Controlling the Message matchup and introduces and discusses the use of new cards step by step. The final decks are the winning Corporation of Worlds 2018 and an adjusted version of the winning Runner deck of the Taunton Regional 2019.

If you are confused by the name, there is a great meme in the netrunner community around the Corp deck. And if you have feedback regarding these decks, feel free to contact me on Slack!


Corp 1: Hard-Hitting times Runner 1: Getting to know the basics

Corp 2: Recursion is everything Runner 2: I can make news as well

Corp 3: Enter the Bankers! Runner 3: There has been a t e r r i b l e accident

Corp 4: Final stop: AMERICA CtM Runner 4: Final stop: FREDPI-ish Val

Overview lists by @presheaf:

These great lists show you what cards to put in and out for every game transition: Corp overview, Runner overview


The two Corroders should be Paperclips instead. Unfortunately I cannot edit the decks at this point, so please keep this in mind when building / importing to jinteki.net

Common part

We're finally there. This is the matchup of the NBN: Controlling the Message deck that won Worlds 2018 against a slightly modified version of a Valencia that won the Taunton Regional 2019.

CtM got its final pieces of the toolkit with Resistor, a good piece of ICE that punishes the Runner for going tag-me. Market Forces, which is a tempo-positive form of Closed Accounts and most importantly 15 Minutes and AR-Enhanced Security (ARES in short). The first is often used to close out the game or fire Team Sponsorship. The second is the vital part of this deck.

We've swapped the 3 QPM style of CtM against a 3 ARES style. This means the Corp wants to score one of those very early on and roll from there.

The Runner deck got its final important parts as well. Hacktivist Meeting is a great current that can slow the Corp down to a standstill. As an additional cost, every time the Corp rezzes a non-ice card, they need to trash a card randomly out of HQ. Beware when playing in meatspace though: The Runner gets to do the randomization, but only points on the card to be trashed. They do not get to see what they hit. This can (and has) lead to a lot of game losses in tournaments.

The second card is Falsified Credentials, which is great to check Corp remotes, gain money and get Aumakua tokens all at the same time.

Congratulations! You've reached the current meta for this specific matchup. I hope this was an interesting journey and has shown you some of the ins and outs of this matchup. There's a lot more to learn and I'm sure a lot of experienced players would love to play this matchup with you. Feel free to join the #beginners channel on Stimslack and/or DM me under @lostgeek.

12 Aug 2019 rotage

Why not Paperclip instead of Corroder as there is no restricted card at the moment?

12 Aug 2019 lostgeek

Oh, good catch! FREDPI Val was on Film Critic, which I did not want to introduce to the format, but I forgot to switch back to Paperclip. I added an erratum to the description.