Starshop Hayley (1st Hungarian Regionals)

fgcsem4n 92

Another Hayley variation wich went undefeated at Hungarian Regionals. In swiss it beated a Titan and two Pālanās (then one ID). In the cut played only once, beating Percomis' Pālanā (third one) in the final with early Stargate pressure, finding two Niseis. Stargate is an absolute beast in every matchup.

I could easily cut something, but I always play 46 cards in shaper decks. :) Harbinger is a bit antisynergy with Hayley, but there are turns when you can't or don't want to install, so it's easy 6 extra credits.

Thanks for CZ/SK lads for always coming, you are awesome!

25 Aug 2019 Longi

Hey man, congrats on the victory. It is always pleasure to come to Budapest. And thanks once again for the evening in the pub. See you guys at nationals.