The Oversight AI experiment: last iteration

demoy 381

Way back I was among the pioneers to use Oversight AI in Acme ( To summarize If you Oversight AI the outermost ICE when the runner breaks it trashes making the next ICE they encounter the outermost. But that's the past what do I have to show you now:

Recently I saw Enforcing Loyalty for the first time (yet it's an old card) and my mind got ticking.. what is the breaker players import the most Corroder/Laamb and which are also the breakers Acme dislikes. (you might even catch a Kati Jones before they unload)

We are running 3 instead of the usual 2 Universal Connectivity Fee. After these land Enforcing Loyalty is guaranteed. Having 3 codegates and 3 sentries makes our ICE suite more well rounded so the runner has to install all 3 breakers against us. I don't like my ice being bad when the runner floats tags so no Data Raven.

Our Agenda are spicy: 2 Timely Public Release, to set Surveyor as our Innermost late game and to recover ICE trashed from Oversight AI, 2 Better Citizen Program it basically kills run events (especially since Inside Job is nolonger good against Oversight AI layering double Data Ward:). 2 SSL Endorsement for econ. And 3 Beale because its so good.

Having most of our agenda in twos means we can capitalize on old Hollywood Grid (yet another spice) and we have 3 News Team to make our 3 pointers less risky.

Our 1 flex spot is Threat Assessment. I have never had it be bad but it could be replaced with something spicy or meta relevant. Please let me know what you think.

26 Aug 2019 N0R5E

You may want to consider an alternate rigshooter package with Threat Assessment, Kala Ghoda Real TV, and BOOM!. The 2 tag alternative can be made to be more punishing than the small trace from Enforcing Loyalty. Jua gets a bit more punch here and Hydra could also combo well with Oversight AI as sentry replacements to free up influence.

26 Aug 2019 demoy

I like Enforcing Loyalty because it requires no extra pieces unlike Boom! needing HHN. It works great out of the box just by using the ICE Acme excels in. I used Hydra in my Original Oversight AI build. Its great if you want to play a slower game plan but the 10 credits hurts if you need to rush. Apart from a Third Oversight I can't think of anything worth spending influence by replacing Surveyor. Oversight AI works best when the ICE we rez is the outermost (or Surveyor deep down) so a third one isn't as strong since we get them earlier.

I like your idea about a pure rigshooter Kala Ghoda Real TV sounds fun and casual I will give it a try as its own thing.