The Art of Intrusion 102: Peer Review

pang4 819

"Welcome back, students. Your initial projects showed great potential, and so I took the liberty of asking a friend with help grading your papers. She is harsh, but never unfair. You can download your assessments as of today. Now, let's proceed with today's lecture..."

I noticed a terrible tragedy on NRDB the other day: since rotation 2, not a single Professor deck has been published here on NRDB. Not one, not even for fun. This is a travesty that must at once be corrected. It's time to get back to school!

This deck uses a fluid rig made up of Cyber-Cypher, Scavenge, Pelangi and friends, along more consistent breakers and efficiency.

Economy hasn't been too much of an issue, as long as I remember to properly abuse Multithreader and Sahasrara, as well as sit on Technical Writer longer than is perhaps comfortable. They really do build up quite fast...

Changes from 101 deck:

We dropped ReaverShop in order to be able to run Film Critic, and so far I've been happy with the switch. Spec Work does a reasonable Aesop impression when you need it, and an empty Cache still serves as Scavenge fodder.

I cut Takobi, as I rarely had the MU to support it, and it unfortunately didn't do enough for me. This sadly descibes 99% of support programs, so only the best of the best can cut it.

Cards I haven't gotten my thumb out and tested yet:

Paricia: Good specwork fodder, and a lifesaver against Assets.

Kyuban and Chisel: If we lean harder on Stargate as wincon, these could be invaluable to extend the threat.

Consume: Good with Stargate, and is a decent econ card that at worst can be Spec Worked away. If Paricia is in, this thing for sure will be as well. 0MU is nice too ^^

The Artist: Econ hasn't been a big issue, so Artist is really only if I find the slots for it. Maybe swap out a casts...

On the chopping block are Lady, Misdirection and maybe one Scavenge. We'll see if they make the cut next time.

"Professor! It says here my ICE would be as broken as a racehorse faster than a BMI can type 'retirements and pensions'. I worked for weeks on that construct..."

"There are no half measures in cybersecurity: you either keep them out, or you don't. If your constructs can't keep up, kill your darlings and start over. New technology destroys the old."

3 Oct 2019 Wern212

Hey, I lost to this deck on Jnet today, I think? Was playing something and managed to not ice up R&D, a few Stargate activations later and it was done.

Oh, and thank you for keeping the The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge in the meta. We all do our part, and clearly this great task could only be performed by a true savant of deckbuilding.

3 Oct 2019 pang4

@Wern212: What ID were you playing? I was testing this iteration, so it's very possible we played.

Prof is my favorite ID, simply because you need to test him, and practice, and rebuild, and repeat. Make no mistake, The Professor is not here to impress you with his power, YOU are here to impress the Professor with your skill at weilding him.

3 Oct 2019 Möbius Striptease

You're doing the Cyberlord's work.