Sports 12 Runners 1 (3rd place @ Worlds)

ToThBeBe 616

Before I start I would like to thank everyone at NISEI for keeping the greatest game alive, and the community, for continuing the run. Also thanks for all my opponents for suffering through my combo turns.





Back to the game of the week where the Underground Runners are leading the HB Metals six to zero. It seems that thre runners are firmly in control of the game alreaddy gotten through the Megaprix Qualifier, looping around some of Director Haas' players. There is still some chances for the Metals to come back, seeing that some of the runners already fallen asleep, and they didnt find the all so important double point play. But still, with this much of a deficit the Metals need the mother of all comebacks to have any chance in the game.

Get ready

But look at that! A Fast Break! Thats exactly what Arella and her team needed! This could be a Game Changer! And they start to score! One! Two! And the double play for Four! I havent seen anything like this since Breaker Bay! The Sponsors are celebrating! One final Calibration.... AND THEY DID IT!!!! THE METALS WON SEVEN TO SIX!!!

This is the deck that carried me to Worlds 3rd place winning me 12 straight games, and then finally losing to @Pinsel in the losers finals, while my runner went 5-6.

It is a pretty standard spombo deck with a bit of spice against Leela, who I didnt face. It was still worth throwing out a Calibration Testing for it since I was able to combo out 12 times even without the 3rd one :D

The basic strategy: install all your agendas. If they run it, good you get closer to comboing out with Fast Breaks. If they dont, score them for 1. If youre on 5 or 6 points they will have to run them. And as soon as your opponent is on at least 6 agendas:

Combo Time

The ideal combo turn looks like this:

This deck is super strong, mostly because it punishes the smallest mistake the runner does stealing 3-4 points can be lethal. Also the ice suite can just shut out people without AI breakers, and vs Aumakua just toss the cvs into the bin, dont install assets and upgrades and purge once. It is the ultimate Push your luck game, It gets the adrenaline flowing when you know that the win for the runner is on the board but she/he doesnt.

Also try this deck while you can, because I believe half the deck rotates in december :D

Thanks for reading and Continue the Run!

8 Oct 2019 ayyyliens

S P O R TS !

9 Oct 2019 Longi

this is a beast of a deck!

9 Oct 2019 Flekk

Ah! The infamous "Combo Time" ball flip from the stream! I couldn't breathe from the laughs :D

9 Oct 2019 vesper

21 wee gendies and a bottle of rum :) What a deck! What a showing :) Well done and congratulations :D and thanks for making the event great with your presence!

9 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@vesper Thanks! It was a pleasure to be a player at this masterfully run event

13 Oct 2019 Nem0

@ToThBeBe did you experience any Stargate on the day? I played this deck for a long time and stopped because I kept losing to Stargate.

14 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@Ravensteve Yeah like half the field was on stargate I think. You basically have to rush them before they get their stargate + breaker or ice them out of RnD. If they are on eater the second option is hard but against anthing else you can basically lock them out. In those matchups you probably have to look for ice with The Future is Now

14 Oct 2019 zmb

Having done the combo so many times, how many credits and how many agendas @ runners are needed as a minimum for combo?

14 Oct 2019 zmb

Also i find ice placement a bit hard!

15 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@zmb At worlds I mostly did it when the runner had 5 or 6 points so usually 5-7 agendas, and at thet point you mostly need 5-6 credits. But in theory you can do it with less agendas, but its hard if they have under 5 agendas. I mostly do it on feel, I am never 100% at the beginning of the turn that I have it. I think this deck definitely needs some games put into it so you feel when to start the combo, and also where and how to put down the ice in what matchup. Mostly what I do is overprotect RnD you always can control what you have in your hand by installing stuff, while you dont know whats on top of RnD :) Only against Crim and Adam you need serious HQ protection (and maybe vs Eddie Kim)

16 Oct 2019 yaozheng1996

Off topic but, where can I find the full video of that 'Combo Time' gif?

17 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@yaozheng1996 its from my game vs @labbes:

18 Oct 2019 zmb

I find that a lot are playing the Freedom deck with Imp, which makes the matchup even harder! Just Imp the agendas and wait until there are enough points in archives

20 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

@zmb yeah that was my only loss. That matchup is just hell if they find imp+console early

10 Nov 2019 meta4

This is a very cool deck idea. Don't you just straight lose to any runner with AI and a forfeit agenda ability? Not sure how common those are these days, but if the runner just forfeits everything is it possible for you to get to 7 points before decking yourself? Would be a funny way to lose lol. I guess Imp is a similar problem.

12 Feb 2020 bowlsley

I've been playing a slower version of this deck (with more ICE and a couple of Vacherons to lower the density a bit) because I'm too inexperienced to brave the full combo madness, but it's so much fun to play. It's made me enjoy playing corp again!