11th @ Worlds: Still Rocking Dorm Computer

ryanbantwins 1970

This is the Smoke-list that I played during Worlds 2019 and finished on the 11th place. Iterations of this deck also won me 2 Regionals this year, and a 3rd place at Belgian Nationals.


  • Smoke and her breakers lets you break ICE efficiently. Pelangi will help you against Rush, expensive barriers and it will function as an pseudo AI breaker.
  • Deuces Wildand Build Script will give you the necessary tempo
  • Khusyukis a great finisher
  • Dorm Computer will help you against Data raven, prisec, ARES, IP Block, ... In short it will make an Argus player cry.
  • Armitage Codebustingis not only there for Khusyuk value, for this deck it was the best econ card left (Kati Jonesis not efficient enough if you don't use it enough).
  • Cold Read is either to kill an asset for free, get a free breaker with Self-modifying Code or to get a cheap run at the remote if you can use the last Pelangi token (and trash an empty Pelangi).

What would I change

I tend to take a lot of random damage (Obokata, Argus meat), and sometimes I will lose all my Khusyuk's in the early to midgame, leaving me without multi-access.

Suggestion: + 1x The Turning Wheel + 1x Falsified Credentials - 1x Khusyuk - 1x Security Testing

Dorm Computer???

For those who still think that Film Critic is a better restricted card in Smoke, just consider this: "Out of 33 people who played Smoke at Worlds, the one idiot who played Dorm Computer ended up being the highest placed Smoke".


9 Oct 2019 Sanjay

I must admit this seems like a much less convoluted way to be Stealth Jesminder than Stealth Jesminder is.

10 Oct 2019 ayyyliens


10 Oct 2019 JackMade

Being a good player often times has more impact on games than making correct silver bullet choices. :D


10 Oct 2019 qvm

Love the dorm computer! Nothing wrong with using it as a silver bullet over other, more popular silver bullets. The unexpected is often even better:)

10 Oct 2019 RvdH83

Not even Misdirection. That's some balls.

26 Oct 2019 Tamijo

I raged at basically everybody I spoke to about how I lost to Dorm Computer after you beat me in R5. :|