Matchup 1: Aendy v EtF Moons (Le Classique)

3N1GM4 259

What Your Deck Does

This is a very pure asset deck; your assets give you your draw, economy and your ability to score, so look after them! The deck is focused around the power of Estelle Moon, who you can use while expanding your board state to build up a large hand of cards that can then all be played once Successful Field Test is scored. You will primarily look to fast advance your agendas with Biotic Labor and Jeeves Model Bioroids, but you can score behind ice or with the support of Lakshmi Smartfabrics if necessary.

What To Mulligan For

Estelle Moon or Tech Startup, at least one piece of ice, at least one other asset

Tips and Tricks for the Matchup

Think very hard about your first ice placement; you’ll need to defend HQ because of Account Siphon, but you also need to ice Estelle Moon in order to maximise the value that you get from her. Often the answer is to let the first Estelle Moon get to only a few counters, then recur it with Friends in High Places and really focus on the second one.

Your ideal scoring plan is to turn a big Estelle Moon in to a large Successful Field Test, preferably with a second Estelle Moon on the table ready to accrue counters as a result. Your next score will then be Project Vitruvius, always with a counter if possible, which then allows you to fast advance a Global Food Initiative to win the game. In practice you will have to be flexible with this approach, but you should always look to win with three scores as four is almost impossible.

You will need to ensure that the runner is spending as much time and money as possible on combating your own board rather than developing their own. You can do this by presenting key threats with the expectation that the runner will trash them, and by timing your Friends in High Places for maximum impact. Try to ensure that there’s always something for the runner to worry about; if you lose the initiative it’s hard to get back.

You will often want to ice multiple remotes in this deck, which will stretch your ice fairly thin. Estelle Moon always warrants an ice, but you may also want to protect Jeeves Model Bioroids and Lakshmi Smartfabrics. Gear check ice is perfect early, though you will likely have to make do with whatever you draw.

Be aware that you can leave an Advanced Assembly Lines face down on the table and an ice in hand to respond to an install of Temüjin Contract, and that Blacklist can be used to stop Bloo Moose from working. Be wary Quandary and be ready to overwrite it; it can quickly become a liability if the runner installs Inversificator. You should also be aware that Political Operative can trash your Estelle Moon at instant speed, so consider using her after a HQ run.