Born To Run (3-4 and 4th at UK Ranking Finals)

paulyg 1034

I play a lot of Leela decks, so I'll keep this brief. This deck went 3-4 on the day and was propped up a bit by my fun Gaga corp deck.

A few card choice notes.

I've come back round on Earthrise instead of Blueberry Diesel as the draw engine, and the Career Fairs make playing a second Class Act a more tempting prospect when needed.

On the Lam is directly stolen from fellow Leela fan @saintis. There are advantages and disadvantages vs my usual No One Home but the Punitive protection felt valuable in this build as I moved off Film Critic onto Engolo.

I continue to believe that a single Clone Chip is better than spending slots on multiple breakers. Everybody else disagrees with me.

Hernando Cortez was a @tugtetgut suggestions after my worries about facing Blue Sun / Aginfusion in the group. Was 100% the right call and caused must disruption in the 2 Blue Sun games. Would moustache again.

I went down from 3 Aumakua to 2 to fit in Hernando and this mostly didn't hurt me (the draw engine was pretty good). The one game where I really missed turtle was against combo ASA, though I'm not convinced it would have helped me keep up that much.